Rima Najdi walks the streets of Beirut with a TNT bomb | Interview

Hummus For Thought

Rima Najdi, aka Madame Bomba, in costume in Beirut

Rima Najdi, aka Madame Bomba, recently gained attention by walking around Beirut with a mock TNT strapped around her. Based in Berlin, she got tired of Lebanon’s volatile situation and decided to take things into her own hands. She walked around Manara, Down Town, Gemayzeh, Spinneys, Ashrafieh, Ras el Nabe3 and Hamra. I ‘sat down’ with her and asked her a few questions.

Why did you decide to walk around with a mock TNT bomb? What do you hope comes out of it?
My decision to walk around with a mock TNT bomb came out of the political situation that we live in Lebanon and especially after the two bombs – I won’t say last since one just happened today in Hermel – that exploded within a week of one another. The constant looking for where another bomb might be hidden made me paranoid and terrified. As a performance…

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