Australian Shark Cull: Politicians Pledge to Round Up Usual Suspects

<We live on this planet together each with specific and generalized purposes. Killing sharks indiscriminately, is not what humans purpose is. That said, it may be accurate to say that the purpose of many politicians is to say and do anything to gain and hold on to support, no matter how dumb and shortsighted the speech or actions. If there is to be a cull – it should be of politicians of his ilk!>

Guilford concludes that “giant, terrifying sharks are clearly swimming past all of these traps set for them and cruising beneath humans all the time, with the shark control programs none the wiser.” The swimmers are unaware too, she suggests, perhaps “because sharks simply don’t attack people very often.”

So far, Barnett remains publicly committed to his plan. In a 2012 radio interview that angered critics, he declared, \”We will always put the lives and safety of beachgoers ahead of the shark. This is, after all, a fish—let\’s keep it in perspective.\” More recently, he posed for the cameras with a big hook in hand. It made him look a bit like a button-down wannabe Captain Quint, the shark-obsessed charter skipper in Jaws.

Somebody may need to remind him: That film’s vendetta against sharks also played to the emotions but did not end well for anyone—including Quint.

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Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Bird

Unfold your wings.

Break the chains

Make fast your steps,

and be firm

in your will.

Know your value.


in your abilities. Respect

your ideas.

Break the barriers.

Do what your heart says—

not what others tell you.

You and I, we deserve

to receive love,

not to have our lips sliced—

the lips we tenderly place

on a baby’s cheek.

We deserve not to have our noses cut —

the nose we use to inhale our baby’s scent.

You deserve kisses of admiration.

Open your wings.

Fly higher up and up

Higher than any mountain, faster

than any bird.

By Sitara B.

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6 Palestinian villagers injured as armed settlers attack Beit Ummar | Maan News Agency

Six Palestinians, including a child, were injured in clashes that broke out after a group of Israeli settlers tried to raid Beit Ummar village near Hebron on Friday afternoon.

Spokesman for the local popular resistance committee Mohammad Awad Ayyad said that Israeli forces attacked a funeral procession in the village as dozens of settlers, some armed, gathered near the graveyard.

Settlers also attacked a restaurant in the area, smashed its windows and forced workers to close it down at gun point, Ayyad said.

He added that villagers arrived at the scene and scuffled with settlers, before Israeli forces intervened and fired tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at the Palestinian villagers.

Five people were injured by rubber-coated steel bullets fired by the Israeli forces, and a child was injured after the rear windshield of his mother\’s car was shattered by a stun grenade.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said that around \”200 Israeli civilians\” had gathered in Beit Ummar but that \”nothing out of the ordinary was happening,\” at that time, adding that later some Palestinians \”hurled rocks.\”

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