On Egypt’s General Sisi


As the news has come in of Egypt’s military chief, General Sisi, looking for a strong turnout in next week’s constitutional referendum as a mandate to run for president, a mixture of near hysterical praise and hostile cursing of him has intensified on social media.  Sisi’s supporters are jubilant that he his still alive and that the rumors of his death spread by the Brotherhood’s supporters turned out to be fabricated, while his opponents are fuming that his candidacy has become a high probability.  The mixture of fascination and resent of strong men run deep in the Egyptian society; it is a symptom of a deeper, chronic struggle with Western modernity, which was manifested recently in the poor management, and even exploitation __ by all parties __ of both the January 2011 and June 2013 uprisings.

 “ Sisi ___ may you end as Kim Jong-un’s uncle.”  This was a…

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