Goose meat tests positive for H7N9 in Chinese city – Xinhua |

As the wet/live poultry and pig markets build up for sales prior to Lunar New Year, the cases of deadly flu will increase, unless authorities really control cleanliness of the markets. Millions of live animals will be sold for Lunar New Year.

“According to expert assessments, Guangdong faces an extremely high risk of sporadic human H7N9 infections in winter and next spring,” said Zhang Yonghui, head of the provincial CDCP.

The cases may occur at any time across the province and the Pearl River Delta region requires special attention, Zhang said.

The province has urged local agricultural and forestry authorities to strengthen daily management, tests and disinfection of live poultry markets and crack down on illegal wildlife trade.

Antiflu drugs such as Tamiflu should be used within 48 hours by those who show flu symptoms such as fever and have been in contact with poultry, said Chen Yuansheng, director of the provincial health and family planning commission.

The Chinese mainland has reported more than 140 human cases of the deadly virus since it emerged in March, including 45 fatalities.”

via Goose meat tests positive for H7N9 in Chinese city – Xinhua |