Mosquito-borne virus spreads to Martinique

Not good – could mean that new disease will spread through out region, then to Central, South and North America!

Repeating Islands


Health officials say a mosquito-borne virus appears to have spread to the French Caribbean island of Martinique, the Associated Press reports.

French epidemiologists in Martinique have confirmed two local cases of the chikungunya virus. Local transmission of the illness typically found in Africa and Asia was first detected in the French Caribbean dependency of St. Martin.

Earlier this month, the World Health Organization reported 10 confirmed cases in St. Martin, which shares a tiny island with Dutch St. Maarten. It’s the first time the virus has been spread locally in the Western Hemisphere.

On Tuesday, Canada’s public health agency recommended that travelers protect themselves from mosquito bites when traveling in St. Martin, St. Maarten and Martinique.

The viral illness can cause symptoms including fever and debilitating joint and muscle pain. There is no vaccine.

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The Etonian war-time traitor who got away with high treason

Pride's Purge

 (not satire)

Compare wartime hero Alan Turing’s treatment – who committed suicide after being forcibly castrated for homosexuality – with that of wartime traitor Lord William Forbes-Sempill who spied for the Japanese during the war but escaped prosecution because his father was an aide-de-camp to King George V.

Old Etonian Sempill – who like a lot of the British aristocracy was an anti-semitic, fascist sympathiser – was paid by the Japanese to pass on top secret documents right up until 1941.

Normal plebs would have been shot for lesser acts of wartime treason but Tory peer Sempill was not even sacked, never mind arrested, even after British intelligence discovered his treasonous activities.

Wartime hero Alan Turing on the other hand was convicted for ‘homosexual activity’ barely 6 years after the war ended and was still being refused a ‘pardon’ by the British establishment as recently as 2012

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