Yale scientist: Chikungunya outbreak may become a major U.S. public health problem

Repeating Islands


A Yale scientist warns that an outbreak of the mosquito-borne illness chikungunya, which was recently discovered on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, might spread to other nations in the western hemisphere, including the United States, helthcanal.com reports.

“It is hard to predict the outcome of such events, but I believe this one has the potential to become a major public health problemfor the Americas,” said Durland Fish, a professor of epidemiology in the Yale School of Public Health.

Chikungunya causes fever, headache, tiredness, nausea, vomiting, rashes, and muscle or joint pain in the ankles and wrists. Symptoms can linger for a few days to a few weeks, but exhaustion usually stays for an extended period of time. It is rarely fatal, but there is no vaccine.

The disease is spread by the same mosquito species that carries the viral disease dengue, which is already widespread in much of the Caribbean and Central and South America, notes Fish.

“Unlike West Nile…

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Memories from a fading Tropical Zion

Repeating Islands


When the world closed its borders at the Evian Conference 75 years ago, one improbable nation stepped up to save a few hundred Jews from Nazi Germany: the Dominican Republic– as YANIV SALAMA-SCHEER reports for The Times of Israel. Here is an excerpt, with the link to the full article and photographs below.

SOSUA, Dominican Republic – With its bamboo roof and breezy open air design, Baily’s Cafe near the far end of Dr. Joseph Rosen Street is the perfect place to take refuge from the scorching afternoon Dominican sun.

As soon as we are seated, a waiter heads toward us with two cups of Santo Domingo, the locally produced coffee. Joe Benjamin, 73, pours two sugar packets into his rich, dark cup of coffee and gathers his thoughts; his memories are as bittersweet as his coffee.

“What we were, the community that was here, it was unique. It was special…

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