Morsi, the last caliph-president of Egypt


This piece is  written by Mbayo Lo for Mondoweiss. I read it here  when the former deputy PM of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim has re-blogged it today.   

The ousting of Egypt’s now former President Muhammad Morsi, by popular protest in some interpretations, or by a military coup in others, has raised many problematic questions on the latitudes of democracy and limits of legitimacy. While those who relate his ousting to popular protest see it as a legitimate, corrective move justified by his non-democratic conduct, those who morn his departure blame a military establishment determined to oppose any civilian rule

Both prospects are intellectually entertaining, but equally represent a profound rupture with the existing problem. There are competing conceptions of legitimacy between the Islamist administration of Morsi and the majority of the Egyptian people who associate legitimacy with substantive democracy. In Morsi’s understanding, his democratic legitimacy is the result of a…

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