Physicists discover ‘clearest evidence yet’ that Nick Clegg is a hologram

an un-hologram

Pride's Purge


A team of physicists has provided what has been described by the journal Nature as the “clearest evidence yet” that Nick Clegg is not real but is in fact a holographic 2D projection on the extreme boundaries of rational thought and common sense.

The new research could help reconcile one of modern physics’ most enduring paradoxes: the apparent inconsistencies between the different models of the universe as explained by Liberal Democrat manifestos and observations by scientists that Nick Clegg tends to consistently do the complete opposite of them.

The two new scientific papers are the culmination of years’ of work led by Yoshifumi Hyakutake at the Ibaraki University in Japan, and deal with hypothetical calculations of the huge inconsistencies in the behaviour of Lib Dem politicians once they come into close proximity to sources of power such as cabinet titles and ministerial expense accounts.

The idea of the Liberal…

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