Egypt’s White December: First Snowfall in Cairo in 100 Years

Egyptian Streets

In the early morning of Friday the 13th 2013, parts of Cairo witnessed the first snowfall in more than 100 years. The city known for its hot weather and historical monuments amazed both Egyptians and foreigners. This cold snap is not limited to Egypt, with snowfall across the Middle East.

Below are a few of the best photographs from Cairo and elsewhere taken today.

1. Madinaty, New Cairo

2. Egyptians come out to explore the rare snowfall

3. Just like the movies: children playing in the snow

4. New Cairo’s roads under a thin blanket of snow

5. A camel in the snow at St. Catherine in the Sinai

6. Parts of the Sinai were completely covered

7. Driving in the Sinai – like a scene out of a film

8. It even snowed in the North of Egypt

9. A bedouin enjoys the snow in the Sinai (video)

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