Joan Jett Serves SeaWorld With Cease And Desist Over Use Of ‘I Love Rock N Roll’: Gothamist

Continuing her protest of SeaWorld, Joan Jett has served the \”controversial captivity center\” with a cease and desist over the unauthorized use of her music in \”Shamu Rocks.\” The park has been under extra scrutiny since the release of Blackfish, a documentary which focuses on their allegedly inhumane treatment of its whales. The doc has also led to concert cancelations—Heart, Willie Nelson, and Barenaked Ladies all canceled their upcoming shows at the Orlando park. And at this year\’s Macy\’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, a 12-year-old jumped the barricades in protest of the SeaWorld float.

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Egyptian Aak. Week 49 ( Dec 2- Dec 8)


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Egypt reacts to the news of Negm, Mandela, Sisi


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Two great losses and one poll summarize Egypt’s current struggle in a nutshell. The widespread mourning following the death of Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm; the sorrow in Egypt for the passing of iconic South African leader Nelson Mandela; and the massive voting campaign that ultimately led Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt’s armed forces chief, to win TIME‘s 2013 “Person of the Year” poll collectively epitomize the contradicting and often hypocritical Egyptian stances that have contributed to their ongoing misery. A quick glance at the three — Negm, Mandela and Sisi — gives us some insight into the Egyptian inability to overcome the pitfalls of their rough path to freedom and democracy.

Ahmed Fouad Negm

Negm, the legendary “poet of the people,” with his little formal education and his writings in colloquial Egyptian Arabic, clicked with with many Egyptians. Negm became a symbol of what Egyptian identity truly means. Nonetheless, the…

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Domino’s Pizza Workers Protest Low Wages, Get Fired: Gothamist

Employees of a Washington Heights Domino\’s claim they were fired from their delivery jobs after complaining to management about unfair wages. Workers at the 181st street chain participated in last Thursday\’s nationwide walkout in solidarity with the country\’s underpaid fast food workers, which included strong numbers of workers and supporters in New York City. Following the walkout, delivery workers—who are paid under $6 an hour and rely on tips to make a living wage—were asked to work extended hours inside the restaurant but were not offered increased hourly pay for their time inside the store. After bringing the issue to management\’s attention, the 24 employees were fired.

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Hopi objects go on sale in Paris despite US challenge – CULTURE – FRANCE 24

If the art being sold was from collections of stolen art by Nazi’s – would she rule the same?

The judge who ruled on the legal challenge filed on behalf of the Hopi acknowledged that the sale of the objects could \”constitute an affront to the dignity\” of the tribe.

But she said \”this moral and philosophical consideration does not in itself give the judge the right to suspend the sale of these masks, which is not forbidden in France\”.

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