Caribbean Reef Sharks Prefer to Sneak Up on Prey–And Humans

Put some eyes on the back of your wet suit, board, or swim pants

Repeating Islands


Not only do sharks have rows of teeth, not only are they fast, but now it turns out that they’re also highly intelligent when it comes to hunting their prey, as Catherine Griffin reports in this article for Science World Report. Scientists have discovered that sharks can comprehend body orientation and know when a human is facing them or not, which allows them to approach stealthily from behind.

In order to hunt successfully, a predator needs to correctly perceive the body form, size and movement of its potential prey. This also seems to be the case when sharks seek out food. When a shark encounters a potential meal, it prefers to sneak up from behind and avoid the prey’s field of vision. Yet until now, scientists have been unsure whether a shark could identify human body orientation and then use the information in a self-serving manner.

In order to…

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