The Feministing Five: Sunny Clifford

If you haven’t seen “Young Lakota,” the documentary that explores the intersection of reproductive justice and indigenous rights through the perspective of then 21-year-old Sunny Clifford and her community at the Pine Ridge Reservation, stop what you’re doing and see where it’s playing near you.

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Caribbean Reef Sharks Prefer to Sneak Up on Prey–And Humans

Put some eyes on the back of your wet suit, board, or swim pants

Repeating Islands


Not only do sharks have rows of teeth, not only are they fast, but now it turns out that they’re also highly intelligent when it comes to hunting their prey, as Catherine Griffin reports in this article for Science World Report. Scientists have discovered that sharks can comprehend body orientation and know when a human is facing them or not, which allows them to approach stealthily from behind.

In order to hunt successfully, a predator needs to correctly perceive the body form, size and movement of its potential prey. This also seems to be the case when sharks seek out food. When a shark encounters a potential meal, it prefers to sneak up from behind and avoid the prey’s field of vision. Yet until now, scientists have been unsure whether a shark could identify human body orientation and then use the information in a self-serving manner.

In order to…

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Here’s why China investing in UK infrastructure is maybe not such a good idea:

Ahmad Fouad Negm



(Ahmed Fouad Negm, rallies attendants during a public meeting organized by the opposition movement ‘Writers and Artists for Change’ in Cairo in 2005. curtsey CNN)

This is special edition of my weekly Egypt’s report dedicated to the legendary Egyptian poet Ahmad Fouad Negm who passed away on December 3. Negm was, and still is my favorite Egyptian poet.  Hope you like this collection

Finally, here is one of Negm’s famous poems translated by Walaa Quisay at Revolutionary Arabic Poetry

 (What’s wrong…

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Settlers attack Palestinians in their home in Hebron | Maan News Agency

A group of Israeli settlers on Saturday attacked a Palestinian house on Shuhada street in the center of Hebron and assaulted residents and children in the street.

Locals said that around 25 settlers attacked the house owned by Mufeed al-Sharabati, causing damage to it and assaulting its residents before Israeli forces stopped them.

Locals added that settlers also assaulted children who were playing in the same street.

Hebron is a frequent site of clashes due to the presence of 500 Israeli settlers in the Old City, many of whom have illegally occupied Palestinian houses and forcibly removed the original inhabitants.

Settlers and Israeli forces regularly target local Palestinans for harassment, and many have been forced from their homes as a result.

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