Tories – when we said “Hang Mandela” we meant it in a nice way

Kinda hard to hide the past when it is with you now!

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On the day of the sad death of legend Nelson Mandela, senior UK Conservatives have defended their party’s anti-Mandela and pro-apartheid history by saying that when they said “Hang Mandela” in the 1980s they meant it in a nice way.

A spokesperson for the party said:

When we said “Hang Mandela” we didn’t mean he should be hung in a horrible way. We meant he should be hung with all the respect and honour deserving of a great legendary hero of our time.  And when we said the ANC was a terrorist organisation we meant they were quite nice terrorists not at all like those ghastly, horrible Muslim ones.

British Prime Minister David Cameron today paid his own personal tribute to Nelson Mandela after his death:

Nelson Mandela was not just a hero of our time, but a hero of all time, and as I and…

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CIWF wants to shut down Beirut’s Slaughterhouse

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Compassion in World Farming UK has launched a petition aimed directly at the Lebanese Agriculture Minister asking him to shut down the notorious Karantina Slaughterhouse. And who can blame them? Last year, my class and I visited the Karantina Slaughterhouse and what we found was disturbing to say the least: tortured animals being beaten to death or hanged and left to die in agony; men following the animals and screaming until the latter fall from sheer fear; feces, blood, urine, rotten flesh and cats eating the rotten flesh surrounding living animals. And for those of you who are Muslims, the resulting meat is far from being anything close to Halal.

CIWF released a video as well as a short eye-witness account. Needless to say, the video is not easy to watch. After seeing and reading everything for yourself, please visit the Petition page to help the campaign.

The account…

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Cameron tries to calm immigration debate as Blunkett raises riot fears | UK news | The Guardian

Racist is as racist does!

He arrived in the country eager to talk about Britain\’s close trading ties with India that Downing Street sees as crucial to its theme of \”winning the global race\”.But Cameron was met with questions about Britain\’s \”unfriendly\” immigration rules, behind a sharp drop in the number of Indian students in the UK from 61,000 in 2009 to 16,000 last year.

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