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penned in moon dust


Here is the Verse First Prompt:


Today’s is another simple prompt. Take a walk. On that walk, observe your surroundings with an eye of gratitude. When you return to your writing-table, quickly write down your observations, then refine them; burn away the dross to reveal a poem that will imbue your readers with gratitude, too.
Look out
upon this bare world
cold, snow etched horizon
life stripped by season’s storm
where hides the sun?
 I sit in reflection
scanning my forest
I walk in this dream
never to awaken
to cold cruelty again
I watch life
it smiles at me
So Thankful
to have lived
to see this day
fall's creatures
To each of you  I wish hope for a time of Thanksgiving. Enjoy time to spend in warmth with friends and family.

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First in the nation: memorial, park in Boston honor Puerto Rican veterans

Repeating Islands


When the curtain came off the nation’s first-ever memorial to Puerto Rican veterans, it was the culmination of 14 years of effort by a pair of Vietnam veterans determined to see their fellow soldiers honored for their service to their country, as Yawu Miller reports for The Bay State Banner.

Puerto Rican community members, veterans and elected officials turned out last week for the unveiling of the 15-foot tall bronze monument in the newly-named Puerto Rican Veterans Park at West Dedham and Washington streets in the in South End.

“Today is a great day for Puerto Ricans in the city of Boston,” said state Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez. “It’s a day when we can celebrate who we are.”

The effort to construct the monument began in earnest in 1999, after Vietnam veterans Tony Molina and Jaime Rodriguez secured the triangular plot of land from the city and installed a plaque…

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Staffers for French aid organization killed in Afghanistan | News | DW.DE | 27.11.2013

The beat goes on and on and on – some never tire of killing for no reason but it’s their job! WTF

\”They were killed in the course of their work to support development in the north. We deplore the deaths of our colleagues while they were carrying out their duties,\” he added. \”Today our thoughts are with the families and relatives of our lost colleagues and to our teams in Afghanistan.\”

The Taliban were not immediately available for comment. Northern Afghanistan is generally more peaceful than the south and east of the country, but insurgents, militias and criminal gangs are active in the area.

via Staffers for French aid organization killed in Afghanistan | News | DW.DE | 27.11.2013.

The Jamerek That Cried Wolf

Democracy is still day by day – that is sad for the majority who simply want to live freely and securely.

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

The last time Lebanese security personnel openly beat up civilians with absolutely no regards to the potential repercussions to their actions was when the Syrian security apparatus was ruling our country. Back then, I had to cross checkpoints set up by that army in order to go to school. We were not allowed to voice opposition… or else. We were bombarded with images of the young men and women who tried to defy that apparatus: how they were beaten up then taken in those army vehicles to some jail cell in who knows where.

Things have been miserable in Lebanon, yes. But amid all of the tensions and the violence and the country not knowing where it’s heading, I didn’t think I’d see people getting beaten up by armed forces whose job is to supposedly maintain order.

NewTV’s journalistic crew was researching the corruption that infests Lebanese Customs at our…

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