Taliban’s actions threaten Turkey, Europe with polio outbreak (SETimes.com)

Officials in Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria are already taking steps to prevent the spread of the disease. The UN Health Agency and Turkey started a massive vaccination campaign to immunise all refugee children younger than 5.

Genetic sequencing by experts has shown that the strain of virus found in Deir al-Zor Province, Syria, originated from Pakistan. Experts blame the jihadist militants who travel from Pakistan to Syria to take part in the Syrian civil war for the spread.

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has been doing everything it can — from attacking and sometimes killing vaccination team members, or threatening parents and their children — to stop Pakistanis in the tribal region from getting the oral polio vaccine (OPV).

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Settlers bulldoze Palestinian lands west of Salfit, chop olive trees | Maan News Agency

SALFIT (Ma\’an) — Israeli settlers raided lands in the northern West Bank with bulldozers on early Tuesday morning in order to level the area to prepare it for expansion of the nearby Ariel settlement block, a witness said.

Settlers razed the lands north of Bruqin village west of Salfit to prepare it for the construction of factories that will be a part of the adjacent Jewish-only settlement area.

The settlers, who are from the nearby Brukhin settlement, also chopped 10 olive trees in the Wadi Baqdonis area north of the village.

Researcher Khalid Mali said that \”the factories in the Ariel settlements are expanding,\” and highlighted that settlers have been confiscating lands from the Palestinian villages and areas of Bokin, Salfit, Sarta, Haris, and Kifl Haris.

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When you lie, lie big! Text of H.R. 3533: Endangered Species Management Self-Determination Act (Introduced version) – GovTrack.us

the term ESA means the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq.).


Congress finds that—

(1)the ESA was passed in 1973 as a means of protecting and recovering species and has not been substantially revised in over 25 years;

(2)the ESA has not achieved its stated goal of recovering threatened species or endangered species;

(3)of the species listed in accordance with the ESA, less than 1 percent of the total number of species in the United States have been recovered and removed from the list, largely due to data errors or other factors;

(4)there is—

(A)no comprehensive independent study of the costs or benefits of the ESA;

(B)no full accounting of how much the Federal Government and State and local governments spend to implement, enforce, and comply with the ESA; and

(C)no meaningful effort to account for the costs the ESA imposes on the private sector;

(5)the ESA effectively penalizes landowners for owning endangered species habitat by forcing them to bear the cost of conservation;

(6)the regulatory listing process under the ESA has become a tool for environmentalists to undermine, slow down, or halt construction of infrastructure projects, hampering economic growth and employment; and

(7)litigation stemming from the ESA and some resulting settlements between the litigants and the Federal Government have made the ESA even more unworkable, to the detriment of species.

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Italy: Hydroponic cultivation of tablegrapes

\”Soilless cultivation of table-grapes means we can start producing much quicker than with normal techniques. Because it is a new experience, we are cautious, but we believe in this type of cultivation,\” says the F.lli Lo Giudice company located in Gela (Sicily), which has two soil-less cultivation modules with a pearlite and coir substrate for tomatoes (two consecutive seasons) and table grapes.

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