Flow on Stage

In 2009, the Board of Directors from CODARTS, the University for the Arts in Rotterdam invited Frank Heckman to research the phenomena of excellence in performance. Heckman called it Sustainable Performance, looking at the ability to perform at your best, again and again, as an evolving process.

The sustainable performance website states: ‘Enter the Journey, the Stage is Yours!’

I would like to say the same here. For what you are about to enter here is not an ordinairy book, it is more the collective experience of a journey. We present it in an open, successive –chapter by chapter-, and multi medial way –filmclips, apps, text.

It is a journey undertaken by your peers, ranging from students to teachers, artists from the classical, pop, jazz, worldmusic, music theatre, modern dance, dance therapy, dance education and circus arts. But also several staff members from the health department, dean’s office and communication…

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