Boris Johnson to paint his arse blue in effort to reduce cycling deaths

Red would be better or maybe dayglow lime and orange

Pride's Purge


London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced he is to paint his arse blue in an effort to reduce the amount of cyclists who are being killed on London’s roads.

The move comes not long after several studies revealed that changing the colour of the Mayor’s backside will have about just as much affect on the safety of cyclists using London’s roads as painting blue lines on them.

The announcement is part of Mr Johnson’s long-term drive to improve congestion in the capital by removing the large numbers of dead cyclists who are at present littering London’s major highways and junctions as well as preventing cyclists who insist on throwing themselves under the wheels of heavy goods vehicles and buses from slowing down traffic.

Boris Johnson’s adviser Andrew Gilligan, the journalist who became the London mayor’s cycling commissioner in January, said in an interview yesterday he did not want the high possibility of cyclists…

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Egyptian Aak. Week 46 (Nov 11-17)


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White Man’s Burden – the Israeli Occupation’s “Civil Administration” Version

The Villages Group: Cooperation in Israel-Palestine

Dear Friends,

By a miracle of sorts, we had a mostly peaceful day in South Hebron today; such an event is so rare that I thought it might be worth mentioning to you. In lieu of a more substantial report, let me just say that Abu Sharif and Fadil plowed three fields, with an iron plow and a donkey, on one end of the wadi at Umm al-‘Amad, just under the settlement of Otniel– lands they were denied access to for some 15 years– and there was a slightly higher-tech plowing, with an old tractor, at the other end of the wadi as well. The settlers and the soldiers kept their distance. The goats grazed freely. The sun was sweet. If the rains come, there will be crops of barley in these newly regained fields.

At Umm al-Ara’is, on the other hand, the standard ritual played itself out; the…

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Israeli settlers uproot 106 olive trees near Yatta | Maan News Agency

Israeli settlers raided Palestinian agricultural areas in the southern West Bank overnight, uprooting 106 olive trees in Quwawees area east of Yatta.

Locals said that Israeli settlers destroyed 106 olive trees owned by Abd al-Nabi Makhamra in an overnight attack.

Settlers have recently destroyed trees in the area with ripe olives, in order to prevent Palestinians from harvesting them, locals added.

via Israeli settlers uproot 106 olive trees near Yatta | Maan News Agency. – antibiotic resistance – our bad

Within just a few years, we might be faced with dire setbacks, medically, socially, and economically, unless real and unprecedented global coordinated actions are immediately taken. This Commission describes the global situation of antibiotic resistance, its major causes and consequences, and identify key areas in which action is urgently needed.


Edward Said on Lebanon

How could this be – nearly 30 years later and it could be written today?

Hummus For Thought


“I have almost given up trying to plot the changes and the turns [in Lebanon], each of them denser and more complicated than the preceding ones, each of them astounding me with Lebanon’s capacity for money-making, conspiracy, and both individual and mass murder. Yet the so-called traditional leaders and their variously mediocre progeny remain unchanged, as they forge and almost immediately betray alliances with each other, as well as with the Syrians, Palestinians, Iranians, Americans, Israelis and Saudis (who seem to be bankrolling everyone). There is no one to admire or trust in this too long and too sordid spectacle of idiotic violence and limitless corruption. Even the innocent civilians who have gone on and on, with their brave routines, their ability to rebuild and restart their lives a dozen times, their courage under fire, must have secretly connived, one feels, with the leaders who have kept the war going…

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