Not so smooth for new white mayor to fire first black city manager of Cincinnati – FAIL!Cincinnati City Manager Dohoney will resign – Cincinnati Business Courier

\”It was best for the both of us to go in a different direction,\” Cranley said.

During the campaign, Cranley had said he would interview Dohoney for the city manager\’s job. Under the city\’s charter, the mayor does not have the power to fire the city manager without the consent of five council members.

At the news conference, Cranley denied that he had told Dohoney he had a choice between resignation or dismissal. But three sources with knowledge of the situation told the Courier otherwise, and Cranley did not deny the story when he was contacted for comment about it earlier Wednesday.

Cranley said he plans to pick an interim city manager when he takes office on Dec. 1 and would begin a search for a permanent city manager shortly thereafter.

\”I want the best city manager that shares my vision and values,\” Cranley said.

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Malta Passes Bill Giving Citizenship to Foreigners for Payment – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Non-European Union citizens with €650,000 ($873,000) to spare can now buy Maltese citizenship thanks to a new plan approved by the Mediterranean island\’s parliament on Tuesday.


According to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, the program\’s goal is to raise revenue for the country and attract \”high-value\” people who will invest there.

The government said applicants would be carefully screened to avoid entry by criminals. Muscat estimated that about 45 new citizens would bring in some €30 million a year. Henley and Partners, the company that will process newcomers\’ paperwork, said it expects to receive between 200 and 300 applications per year.

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Part of solution and problem still – Danish Pig Farmers Reduce Antibiotics to Prevent Drug Resistance – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Farming/breeding so many pigs under one roof is still the problem – since it creates perfect environment for spread of diseases. Lowering amount of drugs is good but this way of raising animals still damages us all, in the long run.

Denmark first slammed on the brakes and began strictly regulating the use of antibiotics 20 years ago. If farmers\’ usage increases despite these regulations, they face sanctions. In Germany, on the other hand, until recently there was no data on the amount of antibiotics used in agriculture. And analysis broken down by species or by individual farm, as is available in Denmark, doesn\’t exist in Germany.

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The Gun Report: November 13, 2013 –

The victims of gun violence we write about in this space are strangers. We feel for their plight and empathize with their loved ones, but we do not know them. That changed for me on Monday, when I pulled up the Times homepage and read about the death of someone I knew.

Ali Eskandarian, 35, the first victim of a bloody rampage that claimed two other lives, was a soulful singer and songwriter whose music was colored with an earnest, controlled intensity. Though he was often compared to Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley, he sounded like no one else. His voice soared, his warm eyes bored into you, his smile enveloped you.

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French Fail! Black minister compared to a monkey – again – FRANCE – FRANCE 24

The latest racist attack on Taubira appeared on the cover of the far right weekly magazine, Minute, which featured a photograph of the 61-year-old black politician with the title, “Crafty as a monkey, Taubira gets her banana back”.

In French, the phrase, “to get your banana back” also means putting a smile back on your face.

The word-play was not appreciated across large swathes of French society – particularly because it was the third time the French politician has been compared to a monkey in recent weeks.

In an interview with the left-leaning French daily Libération earlier this month, Taubira recounted how she was taunted with a banana by a twelve-year-old at a street protest against same-sex marriage.

Born in the French overseas territory of French Guyana, Taubira has been a vocal defender of legislation allowing gay marriage, which was passed earlier this year.

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Portugal rolls out red carpet to foreign pensioners – FRANCE 24

Nice idea but the dawning of a bidding “war” for retirees across Europe and the globe? Wonder what Rio, Thailand, Cambodia, or Ghana will have to offer?

Portugal has a plan to get its battered economy back on the straight and narrow: encouraging pensioners from across Europe to move in. Those who have worked in the private sector prior to taking retirement can buy a home in Portugal and take advantage of a rule exempting them from income tax for ten years. It\’s certainly an attractive option – the only catch is that new arrivals must spend at least six months a year in the sun-drenched country.

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Veggies on fire, villagers loot 3 bazaars in Malda – The Times of India

The trigger in Dharampur was the same as Sovanagar – potato being sold at Rs 20. Newly harvested potato was selling for a whopping Rs 60 a kilo and onion at Rs 80. Even the humble kochu (yam) was priced at Rs 45 per kg and raw banana at Rs 5 a piece. To top it all, there was little of everything. People flew into a rage and started looting the market. Some sellers began to hide their goods but the frenzied mob snatched everything. Even bundles of spinach were torn from hand to hand. It was a free for all.

Police from Manikchak reached around 9.30am but there wasn\’t anything left. Traders alleged that vegetables worth Rs 2-3 lakh were looted. In Balupur and Achintola , the loss was Rs 1 lakh each. Worryingly, clashes broke out at Achintola, and police had to lathicharge the looters.

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Just Call Me “Bitch On Wheels.”

I think your husband’s tarantula woman is a lot better – treat you right and no problems – when stay-away warnings are given – run as fast as you can! I had a tarantula buddy one summer down in Baja California. He settled down considerably when I introduced him to a stink bug. At the end of the summer they strode off into the sunset, stinky riding on Chili’s back.