Do not forget Alem Dechasa

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We have murdered a human being. She didn’t just commit suicide. Every single one of us has now blood on his or her hands. How did we murder Alem Desisa (or Dechasa)? I’ll let the Anti Racism Movement answer this:

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It’s been always really hard to explain how a girl, a migrant domestic worker ends up committing suicide. And what makes it harder is when this girl is killed and then claimed that she had committed suicide in order to protect the Lebanese employer from legal prosecution.

In the Anti-Racism Movement, we have been trying hard to follow up these kind of incidents, and each time we end up hearing the same news: “An alien domestic worker had committed suicide by jumping out of a balcony, or burned herself or hanged herself in Mahala al-Jadeedah.

In the Anti-Racism Movement we…

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Iain Duncan Smith test drives new driverless robot government department at DWP

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The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions Iain Duncan Smith is set to test drive a new driverless robot government department at the DWP which will allow cabinet ministers to play games and check emails while being in charge of their departments.

The first pilot of a new generation of self-steering clueless heads of department has been rolling out at the Department of Work and Pensions since Mr Duncan Smith was put in charge over 2 years ago and more completely aimless robot government ministers are due to be introduced into the UK government from 2014.

The driverless government ministers will be able to carry two passengers at a time along with them – for example members of the ministers’ close family – who will also be able to freewheel along with the cabinet minister doing nothing and going nowhere fast at taxpayers’…

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A walk on the Corniche: Beirut

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One of the many charms of Beirut, is that the bustling city is straight on the Mediterranean sea. In the heart of Beirut, you can walk down to the “Corniche”, as we call it, the boardwalk, and find your own escape, taking a long walk along the sea. Since I’ve remembered, you will always find the usual characters there. The man who sells Turkish coffee, he who sells ‘Kaak’ (a special Arabic bread in the shape of a bag, topped with sesame seeds or spices)…the Beirut runners, the walkers, joggers. The children who have found a space to run free and ride their bikes. A bench where lovers sit staring into the horizon. Where friends stroll along, deep in conversation, shoe shiners, ponderers and lonely philosophers smoking their cigarettes. Fishermen, laughing groups of teenage boys…those climbing over the side of the cliff for a free swim, and those just enjoying…

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What it is like to be occupied and oppressed: Israeli forces using Hebron Muslim cemetery for military drills | Maan News Agency

Israeli troops have been using a Muslim cemetery in Hebron as a location for military drills and practice, Israeli human rights group Yesh Din said on Wednesday.

Yesh Din captured footage of the soldiers carrying out military exercises inside the Palestinian cemetery near the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

\”Think of the scandal we\’d see if Palestinian policemen, or other foreign troops, were to use a Jewish cemetery for practice purposes; is it even conceivable for the IDF to use a Jewish graveyard for training purposes?\” said Yossi Gurvitz, author of the Yesh Din blog post.

\”One is pressed to imagine greater callousness of heart: turning a graveyard, a place on which every society places many taboos and much sensitivity, into a place where soldiers practice,\” Gurvitz said.

The incident continues a practice of using populated Palestinian areas for Israeli military drills since at least 2007, the author added.

The exercises are not announced to Palestinian locals in advance, and thus it is not always clear to nearby residents that these are mere drills.

Israeli military sources contacted by Yesh Din said that they were \”obliged to maintain security and public order in the Judea and Samaria Region [the West Bank]. In order to maintain the capability of the IDF forces to carry out this mission, the IDF is forced to hold exercises, sometimes in populated areas.\”

During military drills, Israeli forces can enter Palestinian homes and involve Palestinian civilians in their operations without warning them that the raids are mere practice.

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BERNAMA – Bird Flu Claims 13 Lives In Cambodia This Year

A ten-year-old boy died of bird flu on Saturday, bringing death toll in the country to 13 this year.

\”We regret to announce the boy passed away in Kantha Bopha Hospital this morning,\” said Sonny Inbaraj Krishnan, communication and media relations officer at the World Health Organisation (WHO) office in Cambodia.

Xinhua news agency learns the boy confirmed positive for human H5N1 avian influenza on Thursday after he was admitted to the hospital in Phnom Penh.

A joint statement from the Cambodian Health Ministry and WHO office said the boy had come into contact with chickens in his village in southern Kampot province a month before becoming ill.

Some 30 chickens had reportedly died in the village at that time.

Cambodia has reported 45 human cases of the virus with 32 deaths to date.

According to WHO, H5N1 influenza usually spreads among poultry but can spread from poultry to human.

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1 charged, 1 questioned in shooting of 6-year-old boy –

One person has been charged and another is being questioned in connection with the attack that left a 6-year-old boy who with a gunshot wound to the chest after he was struck by gunfire on his way to a tutoring class with his two brothers in the Gage Park neighborhood this week.

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