WNBA rookie makeup class proves old norms die hard

some things just change like glaciers used to – very, very slowly – too slowly//1

Fit and Feminist

Confession time: I am 34 years old and I am teaching myself how to do my makeup. Well, that’s not accurate, exactly. I know how to do the most basic “natural” look – just enough foundation to even out my complexion, just enough mascara to keep my eyes from vanishing, lip gloss because I like it – but the skillful use of eye shadow and cheekbone highlighters and various liners is something that has eluded me until now, mainly because I just didn’t care all that much.

I’m not sure what caused the switch to flip but it did, and now I watch YouTube video tutorials, pick up tips from the news anchor ladies I work with, and pay close attention as my best friend demonstrates the proper use of a crease brush.  I still mostly go barefaced these days, but I like knowing I have the ability to whip…

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