If you can’t be an athlete…: Scenes from Ironman Florida 2013

Fit and Feminist

It was over a year ago that I started telling Brian that I thought he’d be into doing an Ironman one day.  He says I put the idea in his head, but I maintain that I was merely identifying a latent desire before he’d even been aware of it, but either way, he ended up signing up for Ironman Florida 2013, which was held this past Sunday in Panama City Beach.

Brian had spent five months training for IMFL, which not only encompassed hours on each discipline but also reading his copy of “Going Long” by Joe Friel until it was dog-eared and testing out every permutation of sports drink, meal replacement shake and granola bar known to cheerleading and mankind.  I gotta admit, it was really inspiring to have a front-row seat to such an intense level of focus and dedication. It really made me want to step up…

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