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Today my world doesn\’t feel safe. Does yours?

I want that elusive world peace just like you do. But it\’s not going to happen in my personal village of trees unless I make the right choices. So.

I will choose to plow uneven fields with as much love as I can muster. I will carve out safe places for people who need it. I will try to love my neighbor and follow the Golden Rule. The materials I need are not hard to find. I already have them. And I won\’t need any money. All I have to do is plow up the ground and plant.

If I could choose to become a woman who only runs to the safety of quilts instead of a bed of leaves, I would choose the latter and leave the pretty patchwork behind.

Because there is no more beautiful place in the world than to understand that it is not about the leaving behind of my comforts anymore, it\’s about how much of myself I am willing to scatter around in that pile of kaleidoscope leaves. There is beauty in the unknown. There is joy in the cobwebs of Earth. There is freedom in giving. And there is no safer place than to wallow around in a boudoir of acorns not knowing which nut you might find, but knowing you\’ll be OK if you do.

The safe place is not a place at all. The safe place is me.

Find your tree.

Make a stand.

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  1. Hi there. I am still looking for your 2014 peace post, but considering your whole blog is a call for peace, I don’t think it matters that I write my comment here (though, while I’m here I’ll take a look at some of your other moving posts…the pictures you put up yesterday (7th Nov 2014) are very poignant…children and soldiers…the two should never have be put in that position against each other!

    I wish you peace, with all my heart.

    Annelisa x

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