New conflict on RU-486 abortions : SCOTUSblog

The attacks on women just do not stop – women and men need to stick together with protecting their rights!

Under a method approved thirteen years ago by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a woman seeking an abortion involving RU-486 and another drug must see a doctor three times to complete the process of ending her pregnancy, must take larger doses of the drugs that make the cost higher, and may only follow this procedure in the first seven weeks of pregnancy after her last menstrual period.

Since the FDA decision, however, doctors have developed a new technique that uses one-third as much of the drugs, the second round of which the woman may take in her home rather than at a medical facility, and the method can be used up through the ninth week of pregnancy.   It is less expensive because of the lower dosages.  This is considered an “off-label” method because the FDA has not approved it formally, although it is common for the FDA not to block off-label uses of many drugs it has approved for use.   More than ninety percent of medical abortions are now done, across the country, by this newer approach.

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