Gloria Estefan and Willy Chirino in ‘Connect Cuba’ Campaign

Repeating Islands


Cuban-American singer Gloria Estefan and Willy Chirino, both very vocal against the Cuban government, have joined the “Connect Cuba” campaign, to demand Internet freedom of access for most Cubans. It is not clear how the funds from the campaign will be used:

According to the “Connect Cuba” website, Estefan and Chirino, two of the artists exiled from the island with the biggest international renown, have joined the effort started by the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC) who demand freedom of access to the Internet for Cubans. In a video made by the FHRC, Gloria Estefan declared, “As an artist and Twitter user I know the importance of being connected to the Internet”.

According to the FHRC, Cuba has the “worst broadband Internet penetration, with 0.04 percent for every hundred habitants” in the region, a figure that is well below the figures of other countries like El…

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Egypt and Political Satire

Laughter has begun the toppling of many regimes – when you try to stifle it, it turns to anger and… Do you job – get things done – no laughs, no anger


Will political satire survive in Egypt? Since January 2011, satirist Bassem Youssef has become Egypt’s most popular comedian. He has poked fun at nearly every one of Egypt’s political elite, and his merciless, biting jokes about ex-president Morsi’s poor performance and bad English have earned him million of fans – and many enemies. Last April, he was briefly arrested for “insulting the president, denigrating Islam and disturbing the peace,” a move that created a global outcry, and even a tense Twitter exchange between the U.S. Embassy in Cairo and the Egyptian presidency.

 Now Mr. Youssef is back after a four-month hiatus, and in his show last Friday he poked “equal fun” at the nationwide fan frenzy that has grown around Egypt’s Defense Minister, General Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, in recent months. Mr. Youssef imitated the general’s soft- spoken words and alluded to his rumored political ambition. It did not take long…

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Miami Police Clash with Man with Down Syndrome, Mistook Colostomy Bag for “Threatening Bulge”

Think, then act – not act on prejudice then think of a way to justify the unjustifiable.

Tess Powell Out Loud

What is it going to take to get these sell out HOUSE NEGROS to step & lead a new Civil Rights Movement- You all have the resources and only because many people laid down their lives and limbs for you- then all POS Like #SeanCarter & #Shaq can do is defend these racists vicious MFer’s???
Another minority police brutality case of an unarmed person.  23yr old, 5ft tall man with Downs Syndrome, Gilbert Powell viciously beaten for “threatening bulge in pants” which was a colostomy bag in MIAMI, FLORIDA. WE NEED TO STEP UP THE GAME. See story below.Image
Gilbert Powell

And as far as you regular African Americans that still support Florida’ economy, you either have a death wish or are functionally retarded. #BoycottFlorida before they come and get yo black azz or your brother’s, or father’s.

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Thousands of women on Sudan reviving the tradition of gum harvesting (IFAD)


Read at :

Empowering rural women: the Gum Arabic Project in Sudan

by Ibrahim Hamad

42 year-old Halima Agib lives in the remote Sudanese village of Demira, some 900 km from the capital, Khartoum. Demira’s climate is harsh, and in recent years, the area has been affected by drastically falling prices of gum, one of its natural products. As a result, farmers began cutting down the acacia trees that provide the gum, which is used in the food industry. Women, in particular, suffered: While harvesting gum is traditionally a man’s job, the drop in local incomes affected women disproportionately.

But Sudan’s women decided to take matters into their own hands. Now, Mrs Agib is one of thousands of women reviving the tradition of gum harvesting, thanks to funding and training provided by The Women’s Gum Association, founded in 2009 and sponsored by the Sudan Multi-Donor Trust Fund and IFAD-funded…

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“All it takes is one good guy with a gun….” – ‘Study: U.S. Hospitals Admit 7,500 Kids A Year With Gunshot Wounds’

Has to end – thousands wounded every year and we are headed toward 10,000 gun deaths this year.

The Last Of The Millenniums



gun saves lives day

‘A new study says that each year approximately 7,500 children are admitted to U.S. hospitals with gunshot wounds and more than 500 children die during hospital admission from these injuries’.

“Handguns account for the majority of childhood gunshot wounds and this number appears to be increasing over the last decade,” Arin Madenci, MD, MPH, the author’s lead study, said in a statement issued by the AAP. “Furthermore, states with higher percentages of household firearm ownership also tended to have higher proportions of childhood gunshot wounds, especially those occurring in the home.”
From :

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European spy services shared phone data with US: NSA | News , International | THE DAILY STAR

European spy services have shared phone data with America\’s National Security Agency and media reports alleging otherwise are \”completely false,\” the NSA\’s chief told lawmakers on Tuesday.

\”To be perfectly clear, this is not information that we collected on European citizens,\” General Keith Alexander told lawmakers when asked about recent newspaper reports based on disclosures from intelligence leaker Edward Snowden.

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Free range ‘not responsible’ for bird flu – ABC Rural (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The Federal Agriculture Minister has been asked to retract his statement that an increase in free range egg production would lead to more outbreaks of avian influenza.

Lee McCosker, from Humane Choice, Humane Society International\’s farm accreditation system, says factory farming spreads the disease, not free range.

She wants Barnaby Joyce take a closer look at how the birds on the free range farm near Young were housed and reassess the situation.

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