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Why I hate Malala – Not

Do you still not see why instead of going through the hassle of an ideological metamorphosis and purging myself of the ideals I’ve spent all my life with, it’s a million times more convenient to just buy the conspiracy theories? I hate Malala because it’s by far the most convenient choice.

I hate Malala because then I don’t have to look at myself in the mirror. I hate Malala because then I can keep my head buried in the sand. I hate Malala because then marrying my daughter off would be my sole responsibility towards her. I hate Malala because then I don’t have to regret all those times my mother fed me with her own hands while my sister was busy washing the dishes. I hate Malala because it helps me sleep peacefully, with my sense of superiority very much intact.

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Without a new farm bill, welcome back 1949

If Congress fails to pass a farm bill by the end of the year, farm programs will likely take a trip back to the days of the Truman Administration.

The 1949 farm bill, the last piece of permanent farm legislation passed by that Congress, represented a conglomeration of 1940s and 1930s farming practices, according to Mike Traxinger, legislative spokesperson for the South Dakota Farmers Union.

The commodity price supports and planting restrictions included in the 1949 farm bill are dated. The threat of reverting to those subsidies has always provided the nudge Congress has needed to enact a new farm bill, Traxinger said.

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