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A UK-rights group has accused the Sri Lankan government of failing to address the marginalization and sexual abuse of women living in the country’s former war zones in the north and east, an allegation officials dismiss as coming from a “diaspora-led false propaganda machinery”.

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Another German company reveals its Nazi past | Germany | DW.DE | 22.10.2013

Like many other business magnates, then company chief Richard Kaselowsky sought to be close to the Nazis. Kaselowsky joined the Nazi Party (NSDAP) shortly after Adolf Hitler seized power in 1933. He made large financial donations to Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS organization. Rudolf-August Oetker, his step-son and successor, also had no qualms about the Nazi leadership: in 1941, he volunteered to join the Waffen-SS, the armed wing of the party that also provided guards for the concentration camps.

According to the study, Dr. Oetker also employed forced laborers, though not in the main production facilities. Dr. Oetker was just one of the many German companies that sought the proximity of the Nazis, Bonn-based historian Joachim Scholtyseck says. \”During World War II, no company was really clean,\” he says. \”Everyone had to resort to slave labor when their own workers were fighting at the front.\” That even included adamant opponents of the regime like industrialist Robert Bosch.

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Lionfish Invasion May Be Atlantic Ocean’s ‘Worst Environmental Disaster’ Ever

Lions!!!!!!! – forget the tigers and bears!

Repeating Islands


This article by Josh Lieberman appeared in The International Science Times.

A lionfish invasion underway in the Caribbean and southeastern United States is “probably the worst environmental disaster the Atlantic will ever face.” Lionfish, which are not native to the Atlantic Ocean and have no predators there, have found the Atlantic’s pickings so rich that they’ve become obese. This ravenous lionfish appetite has a price: the species is capable of wiping out 90 percent of a reef.

The lionfish invasion is believed to have stemmed from pet owners releasing two species, Pterois volitans and Pterois miles, into Florida waters in the 1980s. DNA analysis points to a lionfish population containing at least 10 females as the start of it all. The Gulf Stream’s warm waters then spread the eggs north and south, the theory goes, resulting in explosive growth of the predator-free creature. And with female lionfish…

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Human Milk Purchased Via the Internet May Contain High Levels of Bacteria –

The milk samples were sent to a rented mail box in Ohio, and later compared with samples of unpasteurized, donated milk obtained through a milk bank. Seventy-four percent of the Internet milk samples were colonized with high bacterial counts overall, or had at least some Gram-negative bacteria; and 64 percent of the Internet samples tested positive for staphylococcus, compared to 25 percent of the milk bank samples.  Three of the Internet samples were contaminated with Salmonella. The high overall bacterial growth and frequent contamination with disease-causing bacteria in the Internet milk reflected poor collection, storage or shipping practices, according to the study authors.

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Cold temperatures and chilli peppers help burn fat, Japanese study says

Turn up the AC and eat chilis or how about some chilli smoothies?

Exposure to cold and consuming natural substances found in chilli peppers could help burn fat, a new Japanese study has found. Spending time in low temperatures and consumption of these capsinoids found in chilli peppers both appear to increase the number and activity of so-called brown fat cells, which burn energy, rather than store it as typical \”white\” fat cells do, said Takeshi Yoneshiro, a researcher at Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan

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Afghanistan | Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center

Afghanistan: A Land Torn Apart by War

The US has been at war in Afghanistan for 12 years as of October 2013.  Some important perspective and information on this tragic anniversary:

After 12 Years, 2284, 110 and an Unknown Number – Veterans for Peace

The Forgotten War : 12 Years in Afghanistan Down the Memory Hole – Ann Jones, Journalist who has reported from Afghanistan since 2002

America\’s Afghan Victims. An in-depth look at the civilian toll of America\’s longest war. – The Nation

Afghan Families Want Accountability, Not Apologies – Giuliano Battiston, IPS-Inter Press Service News Agency

US Diplomat: Troops Not Leaving Afghanistan Anytime Soon. The longest war in US history now set to last even longer as US balks on alleged 2014 deadline for withdrawal – Sarah Lazare, staff writer, Common Dreams

\’Iraq Replay\’: Kerry Demands Immunity for US Troops in Afghanistan – Sarah Lazare, staff writer, Common Dreams

For more about the current conflict:

Afghanistan Study Group is a great resource to look at to not only become informed about the past and current situation in Afghanistan, but offer proposals of renewing the US strategy in this area to create more peace and end the prolonged war.

Rethink Afghanistan: A riveting documentary about the truth of the war in Afghanistan. You can watch the entire documentary or short clips on a number of topics including security, situation of women, cost of war, civilian casualties, and more.

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