General Sissi is no savior for Egypt’s non-Islamists


Quick glances at the events that lead to the June 30 protests and the subsequent army take-over on July 3rd are enough for any observer to understand that Sissi’s success came mainly in his ability to garner a wide coalition against the Muslim Brotherhood. This support included a wide section of the political elite, the police, media, judiciary, artists, and the general public.

The police and army are now coordinating their moves for the first time since January 2011 and are unleashing their coercive forces to subdue the Muslim Brotherhood and their alliance. Does that mean that the non-Islamists are winning, or even thriving within “Sissi’s coalition?” The simple answer is no. This comes about for various reasons.

For a start, it is not a homogenous coalition. In fact, the opposite is true, and the subgroups are only united by the their anti-Muslim Brotherhood stance. When considering all else…

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