The Muslim Brotherhood’s International links: More hindrance than help


Three months after June30, the Brotherhood leaders are either in prison, hiding, or in exile. Following the massive crackdown, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) has decided to move its media center to an undisclosed address in London. This announcement has coincided with news of alleged meetings held by the Muslim Brotherhood’s international organization in Istanbul and Lahore to look at ways to escalate action against the regime in Egypt. There is also an Islamist gathering in Doha chaired by Qatari-based Azmi Bishara to discuss the Islamist movement and democracy.

The Muslim brotherhood has experienced two major waves that have risen and fallen. The first wave was in 1928 in its original launch by group founder Hassan el-Banna and then the ruthless crackdown of president Nasser beginning in 1954. The second wave started in 1971 with the release of their leaders from imprisonment, and ended this year with the collapse of…

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