A Different Approach to Egypt’s future.


The sense among many activists and observers of Egypt is resignation and pessimism. Many fear that Egypt is on the wrong track, heading away from democracy, and back to an era of autocracy and a police state. This feeling is understandable, but it is not helpful. The key to the salvation of Egypt is not to lose faith, but to accept that progress will take time, tenacious effort, and patience in order to fulfill democratic aspirations. The current mood, with its negative emotion, is neither productive nor healthy. We cannot allow ourselves to drift away and lose focus.

Currently, Egyptians are divided into two camps: some are rightly watching the army as hawks, citing the many violations of human rights and press freedom, while others are focused on the Muslim Brotherhood, their allies and their perceived bad policies. Both camps, however, are not doing Egypt any good.

There are several…

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Has Israel gone over to crazies? Dozens of settlers enter Jenin area | Maan News Agency

Dozens of Israeli settlers on Tuesday entered the Jabal al-Hafira area south of Jenin under the protection of the Israeli army.

Locals said that around 25 vehicles accompanied by four military jeeps entered the area, while Israeli soldiers prevented Palestinians from entering the area.

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Workplace homicides

According to preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 375 workers were killed in shootings while on the job in 2012. Robbers were the assailants in 33 percent of the workplace homicides involving shootings in 2012, while coworkers accounted for 13 percent. There were two incidents in 2012 where at least 5 people were killed in workplace shootings; a total of 12 workers died in these two incidents. From 1992 to 2012, 140 government workers were shot and killed by a coworker while on the job.

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Liberty Twp. church builds garden for Riverview students | www.journal-news.com

A Liberty Twp. church has helped turn a vacant courtyard at Hamilton’s Riverview Elementary School into a garden full of learning opportunities.

Principal Mary Anne Hughes said it was through a collaboration with Liberty Heights Church in Liberty Twp. that her school was able to install a courtyard garden over the summer — complete with a fossil dig, solar-powered pond, reading areas, composting bin and many trees and plants.

“The concept came after I asked teachers to dream about what they would like to see in the courtyard,” Hughes said.

Hughes said volunteers from Liberty Heights have “embraced” the Riverview community.

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Ohio jobs and opportunities for social good

In 2013, Idealist is reaching out state-by-state to nonprofit communities around the country. This month is Ohio Month! So what does that mean for you?


A free job posting for Ohio organizations that join this month!

Idealist is the web’s largest nonprofit job board—and we list government and social enterprise jobs, too. Over 100,000 people visit the site every day, and new jobs are emailed nightly to hundreds of thousands of people.

Posting jobs with us is always a great value, at $70 per listing. But this month, new organizations in Ohio will be given a free job posting credit just for joining. Job credits are good for six months.

You can post volunteer opportunities, internships, events, and programs, too. These are always free, so join today!

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Kenya: SA investigates alleged forged passport of ‘White Widow’ | News | Africa | Mail & Guardian

“Reports are saying a white terrorist was killed in that shootout,” he said, referring to reports that a British woman suspect dubbed the “White Widow” had been killed.

He said South Africa would work with the Kenyan authorities to obtain a copy of the passport “to enable us to determine the facts”.

Media reports have said the woman could be Samantha Lewthwaite, the widow of one of the suicide bombers in the 2005 attacks on the London transport network.


Lewthwaite is wanted by Kenya over terror plot allegations after she entered the country with a South African passport – believed to be forged – under the name Natalie Faye Webb.

South African officials were trying to find out if a passport had been found “on the body of the person” killed in the Nairobi siege, said Mamoepa.

Lewthwaite (29) regularly travels to South Africa and stayed in Indian suburbs of Johannesburg earlier this year, according to terror expert and politics professor Hussein Solomon from the University of the Free State.

“She managed to enter the country even though her name is on Interpol’s list of wanted persons,” Solomon told Beeld newspaper.

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