Hanging out in Havana

Repeating Islands

Havana, Cuba

For real insight into Cuban life, stay in a casa particular, Deborah Woolway proposes in this article for The Montreal Gazette. For practical travel information, follow the link below.

It had been a long, thirsty day, and we were kicking back at Prado No. 12, a tiny bar in a flat iron building very close to the spray-soaked Malecón seawall that frames the north side of Havana.

At a nearby table was Steve, weighing the merits of the Montecristo Especial No 2 he held thoughtfully between his fingers. Steve was from Tampa, and made his living escorting Americans on limited tours into Havana. How hard was it to get a licence from U.S. authorities to do that? “It was like walking over eight miles of broken glass,” he replied. He looked around happily as the sun set over the Strait of Florida and young people drifted over to the…

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