Horse Sense, Part One: George W. Bush-League Players and Message to Half-Borns Begins

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Return to Nobility: The Great Reveal from the Planetmates, Keynote, Part One


Message to the Half-Borns Begins

This particular piece includes Mister Ed’s Complete, uncondensed, unedited, uncensored harangue. If you are like most humans, you’re probably not going to like it. But it could save your life, just for starters.


Fiddling While Rome Burns

On second thought, if you’re reading this, you’re probably not like “most humans.” You may already have been thinking, as many of us humans have, about what is wrong with our species, as we watch ourselves accelerating toward an armageddon, which could happen by any one or by several or more together of a number of death traps that we have set for ourselves…and within anywhere from a few decades (or less) to fifty years, not much more, with nary a sense of alarm.


That is not a lot of time to change the deep habits…

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