Week 37- A Few Thoughts. The Brotherhood’s New strategy


 A month has passed since the forced ending of the pro-Morsi sit-ins in Cairo. The widespread security crackdown and the arrest of the Brotherhood’s most senior cadres have had a huge impact in paralyzing the main skeleton of the group and has limited their ability to function.

 How has the Muslim Brotherhood coped with this? It is important to look at other aspects of the Brotherhood’s structure and mindset that opponents miss or ignore. These factors are crucial to understanding how the Brotherhood survives. Two aspects are especially worth highlighting.

 First, many believe the widespread myth that Islamists in general, and the Brotherhood in particular do not read about other ideologies and foreign books. This is untrue, many Islamists read the “Infidel’s” books; mainly to look for ideas that vindicate their ideology, and tips that can be of help to their own goals. For example, many Islamists have read __

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