Government To Sell Off Royal Males ‘Within 6 Weeks’ – Females To Follow

Grin – 2 pence?

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The government has confirmed it will very soon sell off most of the Royal Males – including Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Prince Harry – in the most contentious privatisation since the sale of British Rail two decades ago.

Vince Cable, the business secretary, on Thursday formally fired the starting gun on the £3bn sale of the princes by filing a formal “intention to float” the male successors to the throne on the stock exchange within six weeks.

At least half of the Royal Family is expected to be floated with the rest of the female members to be sold off at a later date if there is sufficient demand from investors.

Even Margaret Thatcher, who privatised British Gas, British Airways, British Telecom and dozens of other state-owned institutions in the 1980s, famously refused to countenance a sale of the Royal Family, saying she was “not prepared to have the Queen’s head…

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An Immigrant’s Dream #flashfiction #history #statueofliberty

penned in moon dust


“I see her far away in the distance.” a youngun called.

The tall looming lady was a welcome sight after long weeks at sea.

“Hot meals will be a welcome relief after weeks of soapy soup,” the weary matron thought.

The pretty girl, in the gown, that was beginning to show its wear, wore a tight smile. ” I hope he likes me; there is nothing to go back to if I’m sent back.”

“Will there really be work for the likes of a scrawny boy with naught but two pence to rub together?”

The Lady distanced herself from the expectations.

Today at Friday Fictioneers Rochelle has up whipping up stories on the sea entering New York harbor.

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Why TQM Fails and What to Do About It

AXIS Performance Advisors

Why TQM Fails and What to Do About It

Why tqmThe “quality revolution” has prompted companies to invest heavily in quality improvement: hiring consultants, retraining workforces and overhauling systems. Many managers, however, have not seen the expected results. This book reveals root causes for the collapse and failures of total quality and offers practical advice to correct and prevent them.

For more info…

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Jobseeker’s benefits stopped as punishment for looking for too many jobs!

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

A jobseeker has had his benefits stopped for 13 weeks as punishment for applying for too many jobs.

No – it’s not satire.

Castleford Jobcentre Plus sanctioned a jobseeker for applying for six jobs in one week and none the second, instead of three in each week.

Here’s the full story from local newspaper the Pontefract and Castleford Express:

Benefit cut in job hunt row

In the article, the DWP actually openly admit it’s more important to them that jobseekers “play” by their rules rather than look for work:

We make it clear to people at the start of their claim what the rules are and that they risk losing their benefits if they don’t play by them.

The way the DWP talk about ‘playing’ by the rules – it’s clear being unemployed is just a game to them.

That would be…

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The Gun Report: September 13, 2013 –

A man accidentally shot himself at a gun range near Blooming Prairie, Minn., Wednesday evening. The victim was taking a training course through the National Rifle Association, and the gun went off as he drew his weapon from his holster. He was hit in the femoral area of the leg and seriously injured.

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Chipotle + Willy Wonka + Fiona Apple: Whimsy and a Better Food World – Wired Science

For the second time, the marketing crews at Chipotle have produced an ad that combines off-beat animation, an alternative-ish singer, and aspirations for a better food system into an educational, emotional message piece (which, to be fair, also sells burritos).

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Cilantro Hailed for its Water Purification Properties | Green Prophet

cilantro grows wild in vast amounts in countries that have problems with heavy-metal water pollution. It is readily available, inexpensive and shows promise in removing certain metals, such as lead, copper and mercury, that can be harmful to human health.”

The structure of the other walls of Cilantro’s microscopic cells have the ideal architecture to absorb heavy metals, Physorg reports. Parsley and culantro have similar properties.

Schauer proposes to pack the cilantro into packets that are similar to tea-bags, or the herb can be packed into water filter cartridges.

With so many people without clean drinking water throughout the Middle East, a dedicated awareness campaign could go a long way to informing them of natural methods of purifying one of our planet’s most necessary and increasingly precious resources.

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Beef Products Recalled for Possible E. Coli Contamination | Food Safety News

A Dodge City, KS, beef packer has recalled about 700 pounds of beef tongue root filet products for potential E. coli O157:H7 contamination, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced late Thursday.

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Scientists develop MERS-CoV strain to use in vaccine | Vaccine News Daily

(Wish I had more confidence in this type of work but the money is just too powerful to not cause some risks to be overlooked, in my view.)

The mutated virus, known as rMERS-CoV-ΔE, was genetically engineered to make it capable of infecting a cell and replicating its genetic material while rendering it incapable of spreading and causing disease. The researchers said that by adding additional safeguards into the virus, it could be used as a safe and effective live-attenuated MERS-CoV vaccine.

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‘Milk Cows, Not Workers’ | Labor Notes

Like all farmworkers, dairy workers are excluded from national labor law’s guarantees of collective bargaining rights and the right to overtime pay.

And like many other farmworkers, a majority are undocumented. Under persistent threat of arrest and deportation, and lacking transportation, many rarely leave the confines of the farms, where they live and work under awful conditions. Besides isolation, they experience employer intimidation and wage theft.

“[The bosses] take advantage that we do not know our rights or that we are afraid to exercise our rights, because they will threaten us with calling the police or immigration,” declared a worker leader from a farm in Lewis County. He could not attend but had a spokesperson deliver his speech at the rally.

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