Could rain gardens be one solution to the floods in Singapore?

It is not unusual for large cities to flood as a result of severe weather, we have seen this in New York, Melbourne, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Mumbai. With climate change, it seems like unpredictable weather is here to stay and mitigation of storm water and floods is what we need to focus on.

According to the City of Desmoines’ park and recreation department,  an executive summary of the 2003 Iowa Water Summit prepared by Nonpoint Source Work Group documented that, “As a result of our landscape changes over time, storm water does not infiltrate into the soil as it once did. Storm water runs-off the landscape at an increased rate and volume, carrying with it the sediment, nutrients, and other compounds that constitute NPS (nonpoint source) pollution. More attention must be given to identifying technologies that reduce the amount of water and pollutants leaving the landscape.”

Some countries are…

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SPaRK™—the Sustainability Planning and Reporting Kit—is a tool for helping organizations quickly develop a sustainability plan, metrics and management system. It helps you gather data on sustainability metrics and create charts that can be used in a sustainability report. The product is an Excel file with worksheets for many of the common analyses and metrics an organization would use. It is designed to be used as a facilitation/decision tool as well as a way to store your performance data. We use SPaRK with clients and train others how to use it. Now you can have it too!

See also the companion guide, The Step by Step Guide to Sustainability Planning, under Books.

Watch a podcast explaining SPaRK 4.0.

SPaRK Process

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Spin and counter-spin – result in ruining careers despite facts: Kerry and McCain’s favorite Syria ‘expert’ fired for faking credentials | The Raw Story

A prominent pro-Syrian intervention expert, cited by both Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sec. of State John Kerry, lied about her academic credentials and failed to disclose her ties to rebel groups in the embattled republic. According to Buzzfeed, the Institute for the Study of War, a non-partisan Washington think tank, fired Elizabeth O’Bagy on Tuesday after finding out she lied about earning a Ph.D. from Georgetown, University in Washington.

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‘Never Again’: Chileans Look Back on Coup, 40 Years On · Global Voices

40 years ago, the US helped depose the government in Chile and cause many to be murdered and disappeared…

Forty years ago today, Chilean socialist President Salvador Allende was overthrown in a coup d’état which marked the beginning of a 17 year-long military dictatorship led by Augusto Pinochet.

After 40 years since the coup and 23 since the country’s return to democracy, Chileans reflected on the coup and on what the country must do to reach reconciliation.

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Food bank Britain: ‘I didn’t ask to be ill’ | Society | The Guardian

Tories happy to put hard-working people and people in need on diets and make them beg for food – makes ’em stronger and less lazy?

The number of people who visit this food bank has doubled since changes to the benefit system in April. They now feed around 250 people a month. “The main reason people come now,” says Cucco, “is because of a change, delay, or sanction in their benefit, or their inability to access short-term crisis grant funding.” There are almost 90 organisations authorised to refer people to this food bank, and “typically what happens,” says Cucco, “is that they realise in the course of dealing with their client that they’ve got no money for food. So in a children’s centre, for example, someone might notice that a kid is eating crayons, and find out the family isn’t able to give them breakfast.”

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Huntington Beach Trying To Shut Down Wet Electric Rave: LAist – Up your protection game and don’t fear a good party

However, Kevin Pearsall, a peace officer with the California State Parks who has been involved in the planning of the event, told the Times that the event is taking place on the state beach, not city property.

City officials point out that ravers will still have to cross through city property to reach the beach and are concerned that the party will spill over, as it did in July after the U.S. Open of Surfing. Ten people were arrested and several local businesses vandalized.

Pearsall said he was surprised to find out that the city is trying to stop the rave. He said the promoter and state were doing everything possible to ensure the safety of those in and around the area.

The rave, which promises DJs and water slides, is being promoted by Premiere Media Group, the state of California and the nonprofit Giving It Back to Kids.

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Young E. Coli Victim Receives Kidney Transplant from Mother | Food Safety News

Drinking raw milk is a freedom issue – right? Freedom to… endanger children?

Food Safety News is following the progress of 3-year-old Kylee Young, who has just received a kidney from her mother, Jill Brown. In April 2012, Kylee was one of 19 people — 15 of them children — who fell ill with E. coli after drinking raw milk from a farm near Wilsonville, Oregon.

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CENSORED NEWS: Native America Calling ‘The Great Horse Controversy’ Roundup and Slaughter

Dine’ medicine people passed a resolution opposing the roundup and slaughter.

“The Horse is our medicine and has helped us survive many hardships, they must be given respect and honored for their sacred place within the Creation, as they possess the same fundamental right to Life as we, Five Fingered Ones do,” says the resolution passed with 32 in favor and none opposing on Aug. 26, 2013.

Nohooka Dine’ said the capture, imprisonment and slaughter of horses threatens traditional Dine’ spirituality and culture. Further, the medicine people said that the Navajo Nation government’s support of horse slaughter violates the way of life and being of traditional Dine’, the Ke’.

Navajo medicine people say efforts to exterminate wild horses repeats the pattern of the slaughter of the buffalo and is an indicator of the loss of the sacred and traditional ways as a result of boarding schools and colonization.

Leland Grass said Navajo leaders have lost the meaning of the Horse Song. Grass posed this question to tribal politicians who reflect the BIA mentality: “Why do you carry Horse Song (or even ask for horse song in your trail ride event) and want to kill numerous horses of your land that is sacred to all living.”

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Ohio jobs and opportunities for social good

In 2013, Idealist is reaching out state-by-state to nonprofit communities around the country. This month is Ohio Month! So what does that mean for you?


A free job posting for Ohio organizations that join this month!

Idealist is the web’s largest nonprofit job board—and we list government and social enterprise jobs, too. Over 100,000 people visit the site every day, and new jobs are emailed nightly to hundreds of thousands of people.

Posting jobs with us is always a great value, at $70 per listing. But this month, new organizations in Ohio will be given a free job posting credit just for joining. Job credits are good for six months.

You can post volunteer opportunities, internships, events, and programs, too. These are always free, so join today!

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