Minorities Must Demand Equal Protection in The Legal Process/Shaynia Davis Update

All of us should demand that equal protection in the legal process be actively pursued throughout the land – inequality threatens all of us.

Tess Powell Out Loud

Does anyone remember this little angel, whose life was tortuously ended by depraved  murderer Mario Andretti McNeil?shaniya

It was in 2009 5 year old Shaniya Davis was “traded” for drugs, by the her “mother”, Antoinette Davis. I don’t know if I ever heard of a more heinous crime, with so much evidence in my life.
  Yet it took over 3 years to Mario Andretti McNeil to trial & convict him to the death penalty. Ms Davis hasn’t been to trial yet.
Let’s contrast that with the murder of Trayvon Martin. Not only was he killed, but it took the outcry of a community to even get his killer arrested. Somehow though this case has been tried & the murderer acquitted in less than a year.
I contrast these two cases not exploit either victim, but to point out the fundamental fact that minorities in the US, whether victim or…

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