Drumming Recalls Centuries-old Link Between Caribbean, Africa

Repeating Islands


Throughout the ages and around the globe, drumming has been used for communication, entertainment, and prayer. That is especially true for the Rastafarians who performed at this year’s Sacred Music Festival in Jerusalem, as Gail Wein reports in this article for Voice of America.
If you haven’t heard of Nyabinghi drumming, you are not alone. It is sacred music, played as a communal meditative practice in the Rastafarian religion of Jamaica, and rarely performed in public.
As Jamaican reggae star Vivien Jones explains, it is a centuries-old link between the Caribbean and Africa.
“That’s been in Jamaica since we were taken there as slaves,” Jones said. “Slave master used to bang the drums. So the drums were there from the time we landed on that island, the drums were being played. So it was African drumming … all the way from ancient Ethiopia. All it did was it traveled…

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