Tony Blair to sue David Cameron over plagiarising of his 2003 work of fiction ‘War Scenario’

Not satire just premeditated filching!

Pride's Purge


Lawyers representing Tony Blair have announced he is to sue David Cameron over allegations of copyright infringement relating to his 2003 work of fiction “War Scenario” in which a middle-eastern dictator is threatened with military action after being accused of having weapons of mass destruction*.

The former prime minister alleges Mr Cameron’s storyline about Syria – which also features a United Nations recklessly refusing to support military action until at least some concrete evidence is produced –  bears a strong resemblance to the one composed by the former prime minister in the lead up to the war in Iraq.

Both works of fiction feature the same far-fetched scenarios – a middle eastern country, weapons of mass destruction, unpopular leaders, public protests which are ignored, helicopters, ships, airplanes, missiles, a plethora of dead civilians and narratives which end with everyone losing.

Independent experts say the similarities between Mr…

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