Only after measles outbreak does Texas megachurch support vaccines –

A man travels to Indonesia and contracts the measles. He then visits a church in Texas, sickening 21 people — at least so far. Who should feel responsible? The unvaccinated man who contracted the disease or the ministers at the church who’ve questioned the practice of vaccination and instead advocate for faith-healing?

NBC News health correspondent JoNel Aleccia reports: “Sixteen people — nine children and seven adults — ranging in age from 4 months to 44 years had come down with the highly contagious virus in Tarrant County, Texas, as of Monday. […] All of the cases are linked to the Eagle Mountain International Church in Newark, Texas, where a visitor who’d traveled to Indonesia became infected with measles — and then returned to the U.S., spreading it to the largely unvaccinated church community, said Russell Jones, the Texas state epidemiologist.”

Measles, of course, is a preventable disease — to those who are immunized. For those who aren’t vaccinated, getting the disease is almost unavoidable after exposure. “Measles, transmitted through coughing and sneezing, can cause ear infections, pneumonia, diarrhea, brain injuries and death,” explains Rong-Gong Lin II of the Los Angeles Times. “Cases can quickly spread in schools and communities, especially in areas with a high concentration of children who haven’t been vaccinated.”

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Germany, Germany above Everything

According to Baring “the Germans,” on the other hand, “are perhaps the most important people of Europe.” Their refusal to recognize this fact has also led to only the third stanza of the national anthem being sung. That is not normal. Baring predicts that in the future, the first stanza “Germany, Germany above everything” can be expected to be sung again. This brought him great applause from the audience in Berlin. According to a report, “how many in the audience had deeply identified with this historian’s appeal for a German national pride, liberated from the encumbrance of the Nazi past, could be seen by the thunderous applause he received.”[10]


Japanese, Germans, Russians, Finns, Hungarians, Hindu Nationalists, Burmese monks – Grow up and leave tribal and destructive pasts – there was only bloodshed there not glory!

From Lynas to Pollan, Agreement that Golden Rice Trials Should Proceed –

Pollan- I am willing to get behind a G.M. product that offers the world something great, but I’m not at all sure this is the killer app everyone thinks it is. It seems to me the focus should be on alleviating poverty and improving diet. As is so often the case, the G.M. product ignores contexts — cultural, nutritional, etc. Will people eat bright yellow rice — that supposedly takes longer to cook, in places where fuel is scarce? Maybe. (They won’t eat brown rice, which already exists and is far more nutritious.)

I’m not afraid of it, I just think it’s another glittering Western techno fix. I’m prepared to eat my words if it really saves millions of lives, as Nina Fedoroff rather unscientifically projected. That said, I certainly think the research and testing should go forward. We deserve to find out once and for all if this shining promise can live up to the hype.

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Me? I still think it is mostly about a techno fix that will cost more in long run and about money for sellers of the rice seeds and chemicals.

Farm-to-Freezer: Locally Made Popsicles Popping Up Around Pittsburgh

Healcrest Urban Farm

Farm-to-Freezer: Locally Made Popsicles Popping Up Around Pittsburgh

We ‘re pleased and grateful to be featured on The Allegheny Front! Thanks to Hal B Klein and Kara Holsopple for visiting with us.
Farm-to-Freezer: Locally Made Popsicles Popping Up Around Pittsburgh

You’ve probably heard of farm-to-table by now, but what about farm-to-freezer? There is a Pittsburgh farmer who’s helping pioneer that movement by taking a familiar summer treat in an unexpected direction. Read more…

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6 embarrassing links between Syria’s President Assad and Britain

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the surreal world of international diplomacy)

With war looming, probably best to bury these links between the UK and Syria – wouldn’t want them embarrassing anyone important, would we?

1) Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

Several high-ranking Syrian military officers were trained at top-notch Ministry of Defence training colleges like Sandhurst and other MoD training colleges.

In defence of its decision to train officers from dictatorships such as Syria and other countries known to have abused human rights, the Ministry of Defence said (with apparently not even a trace of irony): “Providing training to the same high standards used by UK armed forces helps to save lives and raise awareness of human rights.

Given how things have turned out, the MoD will be a bit embarrassed about that I would imagine.

2) Asma Al Assad

President Assad’s beautiful clothes-horse wife Asma is…

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Cyclosporiasis outbreak up to 610 cases | Vaccine News Daily

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting 610 cases of Cyclospora infection as of Friday in an outbreak spreading through 22 states, the CDC said on Monday.

The CDC said ill individuals range in age from younger than one year to 92 years of age with a median age of 51 years old. Of the 581 ill individuals for whom information is available, 43 of them were hospitalized for their infections. There are no reported deaths from the outbreak.

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Syrian Crisis: Stories (Not) Learned from Iraq

Egyptian Streets

By Mohamed Khairat, Founder,

On the 19th of March 2003, four bombs accompanied by dozens of missiles were dropped onto Iraq, officially commencing an invasion that would leave at least 110,600 Iraqi men, women and children dead due to violence that continued to rock the country since 2003.

The point of the invasion was to achieve regime change. Since coming to office in 1979, Saddam Hussein was often found responsible for the deaths of at least 250,000 Iraqis and fore widespread violations of human rights.

Yet, foreign military intervention in Iraq was not given the green light because of Saddam Hussein’s involvement in the Al-Anfal campaign (also known as the Kurdish genocide) that lasted for three years, destroying thousands of villages and killing tens of thousands.  The world did not advocate for regime change for the deluded leader who had commissioned the publication of the Qur’an to be…

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Syrian Crisis: Stories Not Learned from Iraq | Egyptian Streets شوارع مصر

Today, in 2013, the international community is no different. More than 100,000 Syrians have been killed in violence that has rocked the country ever since protests erupted aimed at overthrowing Bashar Al-Assad.The USA’s Secretary of State John Kerry stated “Let me be clear. The indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity.”100,000 Syrians had been killed, before John Kerry decided to watch “videos on social media” of the atrocities that occurred after an alleged sarin gas attack on Ghouta earlier this week. Chemical weapons attract the attention of the USA, the UK, Turkey and others; but indiscriminately shooting or blowing up 100,000 Syrians does not warrant the same condemnations or the same threats of intervention.Complicating matters, reports have indicated that both the rebels and the Assad regime have used chemical weapons, showing that Syria is more complex than the white-and-black approach certain countries are taking.In the coming days or weeks, it is likely that bombs will be dropped on Damascus aimed at stopping the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime. It is also likely that the reasons for finally intervening in Syria will be scrutinized and written in history as another failure of the international community to act.

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