Anime characters fuel interest in Japan’s military amid territorial dispute with China | South China Morning Post

This year, a record 110,000 people applied for the approximately 6,000 places at the military exercises, with some suggesting the sudden sexiness of howitzers and squealing tank tracks is partly thanks to Girls und Panzer.

The animated show revolves around a group of girls – all of whom wear short-skirted school uniforms and have outsize doe-eyes – studying “the way of the tank,” as if it were a martial art.

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Remilitarization and rebuilding Imperial Japan is gaining ground and should be closely watched. 50,000+ Americans killed by them in WWII and millions of Chinese, Koreans, Burmese…

Edwidge Danticat Interviewed by “The Coffin Factory”

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Edwidge-Danticat-photo-735x1024Edwidge Danticat—author of The Dew Breaker; The Farming of Bones; Brother, I’m Dying; and Breath, Eyes, Memory; among others, is the recipient of the American Book Award, the National Book Critics Circle Award, the Langston Hughes, and the MacArthur Genius grant. This summer, The Coffin Factory interviewed the writer, who spoke about the craft of writing, the deteriorating environment, religious hypocrisy, social inequality, gender categorization, and her newest book, Claire of the Sea Light. Here are excerpts with a link to the interview below:

The Coffin Factory: There are many moments in Claire when you seem to effortlessly conjure beauty. For instance, in the end when Claire is thinking about floating in the sea and “the magic of how it could be raining up in the hills and be perfectly sunny where she was.” I’m wondering how your writing process changed since you wrote Breath…

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Report: Puerto Rico unprepared for climate change

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Environmental officials and scientists warn that Puerto Rico is dangerously vulnerable to the effects of global climate change and are urging it to prepare by better regulating coastal development, and perhaps even by building artificial reefs, the Associated Press reports.

Storm-caused floods and erosion in the U.S. Caribbean territory are expected to grow worse as seas rise, perhaps by 22 inches (57 centimeters) by 2060.

The island’s natural resources secretary is Carmen Guerrero. She notes that nearly all of Puerto Rico’s essential infrastructure is located on the coast, including the main international airport and its thermoelectric plants. A rainstorm in July forced temporary closure of the airport and claimed cars and houses in the San Juan area.

She appeared Friday at a conference on climate change sponsored by the government and independent environmental groups.

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Cameron and Obama move closer to taking military action against their growing unpopularity

I only wish it was satire – Cameron is such a boob and my President keeps wanting to be strong on foreign policy but it puts more in harm’s way and gains us and him nothing,

Pride's Purge


The British prime minister David Cameron and US president Barack Obama are said to have concluded that joint military action in Syria may be required in response to shocking reports of their growing unpopularity in the polls.

Mr Cameron and President Obama moved the west closer to military intervention on Saturday as they agreed that last week’s alleged chemical weapon attacks merited a “serious response” which would enable both western leaders to regain at least some of their lost popularity with voters.

In a phone call that lasted 40 minutes, the two leaders are understood to have concluded that the chemical attack that is believed to have killed as many as 1,400 people in Damascus in the middle of last week was serious enough to gain themselves a few percentage points in the polls.

The prime minister and US president said all options should be kept open, including the…

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Egyptian Aak. Week 34


Main Headlines




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Screw Lebanese Media

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Tripoli Sheikh


The above sheikh was hosted on NewTV earlier tonight to talk on behalf of the people of Tripoli. I guess that city ran out of spokespeople over the past few days so the TV station in question figured digging this creature up from the depth of whatever abyss he was in was a good idea. Ratings are proportional to beards.

Note that this sheikh is said not to even be from Tripoli and has not been residing there all his life to get to talk on the city’s behalf.

This man spoke about the need for self-security for himself and his fellow Sunnis of Tripoli. Did the TV station in question even bother to target this rhetoric? Of course they didn’t. This is the rhetoric they want being spewed around their airwaves lately. This is what gets people talking. This is what gets people to tune in. Of course…

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A New Low For Tea Bagger Bigots: Public Shaming Of The Disabled | Liberals Unite

While this is a lot like public shaming of those who receive food stamps or need a high amount of pain meds to survive, it reaches a brand new low for these bigots, because they’re actually naming disabled people who receive benefits. Let’s hope that the people responsible for this are tracked down and … well, what should we do with them? Let us know in the comments. I can think of several ideas, mostly involving torches and sharp farm tools.

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Minerva Mirabal and Trujillo

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MINERVA MIRABALZUMBAAEarlier this month, the Dominican Republic’s Acento published a letter showing how Minerva Mirabal (one of the famous Mirabal sisters) had to beg the then dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo to be allowed to continue her studies in law at the University of Santo Domingo. Here are excerpts with the link to the article (translated from the original Spanish version):

Minerva Mirabal was born in 1926 and twenty years later and she had graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. In 1949, she began to have trouble with the regime and in 1952, she enrolled at the University of Santo Domingo to pursue a law degree, but when it came time to re-register to attend the second year, in 1953, the University authorities refused to accept her as a student, to please the tyrant’s will, because she was accused of being in opposition to his dictatorship and to profess communist ideals.


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