Government vows to crack down on protesting toddlers after hundreds refuse to go to bed

Cameron chief refusnik!

Pride's Purge


The government has vowed not to give in to pressure from thousands of protesters across the country aged between 3 and 12 who are refusing to go to bed when told to by their parents.

And in signs that authorities are losing patience with the unruly protesters, pressure is mounting on police after complaints that officers have been resorting to using excessive force to remove the most obstinate tots.

A video sent to Pride’s Purge appears to show police officers forcing one protester to go to bed by brutally tickling pressure points under his chin and ruthlessly bending his teddy bear.

Sussex Police were asked on Monday morning to clarify their techniques and tactics against protesters since the mass countrywide protests against bedtime by toddlers were revealed – but as Pride’s Purge went to press last night, police authorities had still failed to respond to our urgent enquiries.


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