Why I Want to Learn Spanish

Nuestra Vida, Nuestra Voz

Post By Valentina Forte-Hernandez

I don’t speak Spanish fluently. I have felt a lot of embarrassment in my life because of it, but that is the truth plain and simple. Because I am a white Latina who does not speak Spanish, I have been disregarded as a Latina countless times in my life. I am sick and tired of people acting like there are some sort of requirements you have to meet to be Latina. Being Latina is not about meeting some mythical standard, it’s not about having certain skills or traits. I am Latina because I was born that way, because of my childhood, because of the way I feel. Being Latina is something no one can take away from me. Yes, I do want to learn Spanish, but learning Spanish will not make me anymore of a Latina than I am already.

I am biracial, I am white…

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GM bacteria could help mass produce hookworm drugs

(Cure the problem created by too many antibiotics and pesticides in agriculture by using genetic engineering to “create” a new anti-bacteria-bacteria? Who is kidding who? Oh, your house is sliding away down the hill because of our  poor engineering? We have engineered a new earth stabilizer for just that problem…)

Researchers have produced a protein that kills parasitic intestinal worms, by genetically engineering a bacterium similar to those used in probiotics — raising hopes of more effective and safer therapies for infections that affect up to two billion people worldwide.

“There is a growing number of drug resistant parasites.”

Rose Gomes Monnerat  The protein, Cry5B, has previously been shown to kill parasitic worms. It is normally produced by Bacillus thuringiensis, a bacterium used as an insecticide and not considered safe for use in people.

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Employee at Maine Egg Farm Killed by Coworker | Food Safety News

A 57-year-old employee at an egg farm in Maine was killed Monday by a coworker who was reportedly shooting at rodents and stray chickens, according to the Portland Press Herald. Police are investigating whether the shooter should be charged with criminal negligence.

The shooting took place near Turner, Maine, at facilities operated by Moark Egg Farm.

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WARNING! To avoid risk of explosion, never mention these 2 facts about childhood obesity in the same sentence. OK?

Exercising thumbs and fingers on video games or TV, or cell phone just take up all the time that used to go into playing a game, running, skipping, hopping…

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

DANGER! The following two facts must be kept well apart – mixing them could be explosive.

Here they are:

Fact No. 1

New research published today shows that childhood obesity in the UK is soaring and around a half of children in the country don’t take even one hour of exercise a day.

Fact No. 2

The government is selling off two school playing fields every month.

WARNING!  To avoid serious risk of explosion, NEVER EVER be careless enough to mention these two facts together.

Oh shit. I think I just have.


Actually, obesity is likely to be linked to the soft drinks industry. Here’s an excellent article about that:

The demon drink: war on sugar


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How The Gove Stole Summer (with apologies to Dr. Suess)

Plans to test 5-year-olds is not the coalition’s worst…

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New York identifies encephalitis virus and West Nile virus in mosquitoes | Vaccine News Daily

The health department identified EEEv in 15 pools of mosquitoes in Chautauqua and Oswego counties. Children under the age of 15 and adults over the age of 50 are at the greatest risk for contracting the severe disease. There were human cases of EEEv reported in 1971, 1983, 2009, 2010 and 2011. All five human cases were fatal.

The department identified two human cases of WNv, both of which occurred in New York City. Mosquitoes carrying WNv were identified in multiple New York counties, including Westchester, Suffolk, Rockland, Oswego, Onondaga, Nassau, Madison, Erie and Chautauqua. Last year, there were 107 cases of WNv identified in the state with nine fatal cases.

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Mimi Writes…….: The Art Of The Hissy Fit

I’m too busy pitching fits.  I had one the day before yesterday. I had one yesterday. I decided not to have one today.

But it was totally worth the fight and the spew and the hissy. Because sometimes even a person who strives to be peaceful has to stand up for herself, especially if what she is fighting against is a stealer of said peace. And if there’s one thing I’ll protect with all my being it’s my right to live in a peaceful space, a peaceful planet, so that I can be a peaceful me.  The world rails you know. But I grew up staring down the broom. I learned to duck. I learned to run. I learned to hold a gaze while I choked on smoke (thank you, Grandmother) and I learned to fill my word quiver and fling when needed.  Because I now walk in a world without the presence of that protective tribal force and I’m on my own in the here and now. Oh, my legion of angels are with me; their souls still know how to wrangle through my head and my memory. I know that. But they’re not going to fight my struggles for me.

There are people who think their agenda should rule your world, usually because someone else’s agenda rules theirs. If you don’t stand for your piece of the ground – the little square you want that is your place in this world if you don’t protect it – you’ll keep losing it. And pretty soon there won’t be a spot left to stand on, much less a place to leave your mark. So don’t let the giants and the fence-builders ruin that plot of grass.  You do want to leave a mark, don’t you?

What was my agenda? After two days of hissy-fitting and two days of not sleeping and two days of fretting about the power struggle I was in and the decisions I needed to make but didn’t want to make, I decided to wave the white flag. Not because my cause was unjust nor my request unreasonable. Quite the contrary. But because my hissy-fitting ways only adding to my stress. I needed a new strategy – one that didn’t include arm-waving, eye-rolling, throwing things and raising my voice behind closed doors with said and unsaid adversaries, who kept trying to get a word in edgewise as I flung all that pent up frustration at her with my well-chosen words and hot-headed genetically induced temper. And that strategy was to disengage.  I fumed and pouted, stomped and steamed (oh, it was a sight) because I realized that even though I knew she was dead wrong and wrong again, I wasn’t going to solve my dilemma by being absurd. Or disrespectful. Even though I was right and right again.  Still right.  Just quieter.

So I put the broom back behind the door and let go.  What I found was that my adversary made an unexpected U-turn and offered a compromise.  I learned two things: (1) hissy fits (if that’s what you call your non-violence tantrums) aren’t bad things if done with as much honesty as you can throw at the other person. They aren’t wars and they aren’t without integrity (2) walking away from a battle sometimes helps you win the war.

Did I get everything I wanted?


But I said my peace and I kept my peace.

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