Senator Cruz may have to wait eight months to stop being Canadian | Reuters

Cruz, a Texas Republican who has fueled speculation that he may run for president in 2016, was born in Canada, which would in virtually all cases automatically entitle him to citizenship. On Monday he offered to renounce that citizenship in the event that he has it.

“Nothing against Canada, but I’m an American by birth and as a U.S. senator, I believe I should be only an American,” Cruz said in a statement.

Cruz would be in rare company if he goes ahead, as efforts to give up Canadian citizenship are rare. The website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the go-to site for questions about nationality, offers far more information about becoming Canadian than about renouncing citizenship.

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One-legged man accused of benefit fraud after DWP examined wrong leg (not satire!)

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(not satire – no really, it’s not!)

Here’s another one to file under “headlines which look like satire but aren’t

Officials from the Department of Work and Pensions have wasted huge amounts of taxpayers’ money and given a year of hell to a disabled man after they prosecuted him for benefits fraud when they examined the wrong leg he was having amputated.

Here’s the full story from local South Devon paper the Herald Express:

One-legged man falsely accused of benefit fiddle after officials examined the wrong leg

This is outrageous.

As a satirist I must object in the possible strongest terms to the DWP for managing to satirise themselves much better than I ever could.

It’s just a pity the DWP has to put so many disabled and sick people through so much suffering in the process.


Please feel free to comment – you don’t need…

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The Allegory of the Mallawi Museum: History Lost

Egyptian Streets

More than 1,000 artifacts spanning 3500 years of history looted or destroyed during Egypt’s violence

By Giacomo Crescenzi, contributor,

The Mallawi Museum, in the city of Minya, Upper Egypt, was allegedly looted and ransacked in the night between Thursday 15 and Friday 16 of August 2013. 

You can really get an idea of the scale of damages since pictures and videos have started to circulate in numbers on the web. What you can see are mutilated ancient statues and broken glass cases once displaying rare artifacts, now emptied of their treasures.

An itemized list of the stolen objects has not been officially released yet but over 1000 artifacts are reported to have gone missing from the Mallawi Museum.

Among certain people in Egypt there is an overall feeling of loss and literal fury for a blatant attack to the cultural heritage of the country.

According to a statement released by…

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Russia Warns It Will Arrest Openly Tory Athletes at Winter Olympics

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Are you openly Tory or an ‘out and proud’ Conservative supporter? Thinking of taking a vacation to Russia this summer or going to the Winter Olympics next year?

If you’re a member of the Conservative Party and a trip to the iconic city of Moscow or Sochi is on your bucket list, an anti-Tory law recently passed in Russia may have you thinking again.

In a throwback to the country’s authoritarian ruling, Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed a controversial law that punishes people for propagating what it calls “Conservative propaganda.”

Russia has also said it will enforce the new law cracking down on public displays of Conservatism by pro-Tory athletes when it hosts international athletes and fans during the 2014 Olympics in Sochi.

Russian Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth policy, Vitaly Mutko, said in an interview with state news agency RIA Novosti:

Athletes of unconventional political orientation like Tories…

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Week 33: A Few Thoughts. Rabaa


rabaa photo 2

Raba’a el-Adawyia, an Arab girl born in Iraq in a humble background was the fourth born child in her family, so her dad named her Rabaa, or fourth in Arabic. Rabaa was known for her ascetic life and for her Sufi poems.

 In Egypt, there is a mosque named after Raba’a al-Adawyia that is situated in a square in Nasr city, a suburb of Cairo. On June 28, the pro-Morsi supporters picked this square for their sit-in; an encampment that continued for 7 weeks until the Egyptian police ruthlessly end it on Black Wednesday.  The crackdown, understandably, has created a shock wave around the globe. The images of the dead victims (more than 600) have rightly trigged a sense of disgust and outrage.  August 14 will be marked forever as a black, shameful day in the history of Egypt.

 As I wrote last Sunday, the best way to deal with…

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David Cameron’s back complains about having to support a ‘phenomenally bad Prime Minister’

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In a frank interview, David Cameron’s back has told the BBC it is suffering from severe problems with having to constantly support a “phenomenally bad Prime Minister“.

In the interview – which was recorded several days ago on the Scottish island of Jura where the Cameron family has been on holiday – Mr Cameron’s spine said it was unhappy at being expected to be perpetually behind the PM no matter how rubbish he clearly was at running the country.

And in a tweet, Mr Cameron’s backbone later revealed that the prime minister could have chosen to have had an injection of competence last week but decided instead he would wait to see if his painful fecklessness eased naturally.

Mr Cameron’s back has been holidaying in the inner Hebrides with the Prime Minister’s bottom and neck – both of which have been confirmed as sources of…

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