Zhengzhou’s ‘lactation rooms’ on public busses are exactly what they sound like: Shanghaiist

Zhengzhou has begun rolling out semi-private ‘lactation rooms’ on its public bus system, because nipples are scary. The curtain-enclosed seats are designed to sidestep the whole issue of public breast feeding by simply eliminating the ‘public’ element entirely, and designating a nice walled-off space for new mothers.

This photo published in the Dahe Daily captures the ease and subtlety of these lactation chambers; nothing like a huge red label and various onlookers to make one feel at ease.

via Zhengzhou’s ‘lactation rooms’ on public busses are exactly what they sound like: Shanghaiist.

100 years ago, no one would have cared and mothers would just do it. Modern is funny and dumb at times and this is one of them.

Police – desperate mothers now turning to prostitution to feed and clothe children

Wish this was satire – Tories needs to look for new jobs themselves

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today!)

Humberside Police have said they are seeing an increase in prostitution – with young mothers turning to selling their bodies for the first time in order to feed and clothe their children.

Here’s a direct quote from PC Lorraine Summerfield from Humberside Police:

Some of these girls are desperate to feed and clothe their children and they are going out to do that, which is really sad.

The number of girls working had reduced but, recently, it has flared up again and it is because new girls are going out, who have never done it before.

There have been a lot more who have come to it recently later in life because they are so desperate for cash. They don’t want to commit crime so they are selling themselves because it is an easy way to make money and feed their family.

OK –…

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