No blurred lines – Eddy Shah and co are excusing paedophilia

Pretty basic – guys keep it in your pocket with children!

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Eddy Shah and his other (mainly establishment) supporters have argued that if an under-age girl consents to sex with an adult it’s not the guy’s fault for going ahead and having sex with her.

This is a very clear attempt to blur the lines on what is actually a very simple matter. 

Presumably even Shah would agree it’s not OK for an adult to have ‘consensual’ sex with a 5-year old – because clearly a child of that age would be too young to understand what they have consented to?

OK – so at what age does Shah and his rich, famous and powerful supporters think someone is capable of consenting to sex? 7? 10? 12?

In this country, we have agreed that the age a child can legally consent to sex is 16.

If Shah and his supporters think 16 is too…

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