Egyptian Aak- Week 32. The Dystopian Camps

Right on! If Egyptian politicians are really keen on the future of Egypt, they should focus on fixing Egypt’s dysfunctional political system, and strike the right balance between the demands of the ordinary Islamist crowd, and the wider non-Islamist Muslims, Copts and other minorities. This needs to be done in a more robust constitution, together with a serious of social reforms at basic level of service, particularly in rural regions so as to counter the poisonous indoctrination by zealous Islamist preachers.

All the above may take a long time to fulfill, with many possible painful short-term problems, but it is Egypt’s only path to salvation. Meanwhile, ignore the “Republic of Rabaa, the Emirate of Nahda.” Egypt is bigger than them. Bloodshed will only inject life into a dystopian project that has repeatedly failed to face reality. I hope the decision to end the sit-ins (allegedly on Monday) to be reversed.


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