18-State Cyclospora Outbreak Spreads Parasite to 21 More Victims | Food Safety News

The nation’s Cyclospora outbreak peaked some time ago, but it keeps producing cases on its current plateau.  The latest count is up to at least 535 cases in 18 states, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta. That is 21 more cases and an additional state since CDC’s report last week.

via 18-State Cyclospora Outbreak Spreads Parasite to 21 More Victims | Food Safety News.

Who needs inspection? We do! This could and does happen inside the country and among imports! Even local does not guarantee anything

Britain Threatens Legal Action Against Spain in Gibraltar Dispute – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Britain Threatens Legal Action Against Spain in Gibraltar Dispute – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Britain said on Monday it may take legal action against Spain for imposing tighter controls at Spain’s border with Gibraltar, a historic bone of contention between the two nations. Britain has also dispatched warships to the coast of Gibraltar — for an exe

rcise. (in futile neo-imperialism)

Muslims to shift to older mosque after vandalism near Colombo – The Hindu

Muslims to shift to older mosque after vandalism near Colombo – The Hindu.

On Saturday, however, a Buddhist group vandalised the new mosque, pelted it with stones and broke the glass windows, leaving at least five persons injured. Despite heavy police and Special Task Force presence since then, the situation in the neighbourhood remained tense.

The threat of a clash in the locality, where the government had imposed a curfew for two days, led to a meeting of leaders representing different groups and they arrived at a compromise.

(A politicized Buddhist group to be sure – sad to see this but lots of sadness still plagues Sri Lanka)

EXCLUSIVE – David Cameron in Al Qaeda plot to blow up parliament

Finally a logical explanation for his beliefs and behaviors.

Pride's Purge


Our elite team of investigative reporters here at Pride’s Purge has uncovered startling new evidence that David Cameron is working as an Al Qaeda operative.

After many hours of painstaking research involving reading the Daily Mirror and Googling stuff, we have uncovered evidence which irrefutably proves that our PRIME MINISTER is working undercover to aid terrorist organisations to BLOW UP our parliament.

According to reports, the government is considering taking the contract to protect Westminster away from the Metropolitan Police and giving it to gaffe-prone private security cowboys G4S.

G4S are the same company who completely failed to fulfil their contract to protect the London Olympics and are the firm involved in these scandals:

G4S Embassy Guards Sacked By US Government For Drinking Vodka Out Of Each Others’ Bottoms. Not satire – it’s true!

Not satire – prisoner escaped curfew after G4S mistakenly tagged his false leg!

Giving the contract…

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What Happens to Lebanese “Bastard” Children?

Hard and not so hard to believe attitudes have not changed – all children who make it to the world are gifts to us all.

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares

Here’s an interesting fact for you: if a medical case qualifies as untransferable, a hospital cannot refuse to admit it. A woman in labor is one of those cases.

It so happened to be my luck that I had night duty on a day that a woman came in labor. Of course, this is not out of the ordinary for any healthcare establishment and the hospital I was at was more than equipped. This woman, however, had already delivered the baby whose color was slowly turning blue, asphyxiating as the placenta remained inside his mother’s womb.

The Red Cross personnel rushed her in. They had already been refused entry at a previous hospital despite their pleading. They carried her over to our floor. She had no known physician. She said she was married but neither her husband nor any family member for that matter were anywhere to be found. She…

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Egyptian Aak- Week 32. The Dystopian Camps

Right on! If Egyptian politicians are really keen on the future of Egypt, they should focus on fixing Egypt’s dysfunctional political system, and strike the right balance between the demands of the ordinary Islamist crowd, and the wider non-Islamist Muslims, Copts and other minorities. This needs to be done in a more robust constitution, together with a serious of social reforms at basic level of service, particularly in rural regions so as to counter the poisonous indoctrination by zealous Islamist preachers.

All the above may take a long time to fulfill, with many possible painful short-term problems, but it is Egypt’s only path to salvation. Meanwhile, ignore the “Republic of Rabaa, the Emirate of Nahda.” Egypt is bigger than them. Bloodshed will only inject life into a dystopian project that has repeatedly failed to face reality. I hope the decision to end the sit-ins (allegedly on Monday) to be reversed.


 Main Headlines





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No blurred lines – Eddy Shah and co are excusing paedophilia

Pretty basic – guys keep it in your pocket with children!

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the UK today)

Eddy Shah and his other (mainly establishment) supporters have argued that if an under-age girl consents to sex with an adult it’s not the guy’s fault for going ahead and having sex with her.

This is a very clear attempt to blur the lines on what is actually a very simple matter. 

Presumably even Shah would agree it’s not OK for an adult to have ‘consensual’ sex with a 5-year old – because clearly a child of that age would be too young to understand what they have consented to?

OK – so at what age does Shah and his rich, famous and powerful supporters think someone is capable of consenting to sex? 7? 10? 12?

In this country, we have agreed that the age a child can legally consent to sex is 16.

If Shah and his supporters think 16 is too…

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