Four Reasons Why Egypt Doesn’t Need US Military Aid

Have to agree – deal is designed as warfare welfare for US industry. Besides that who wants to fight an all out war. Egypt has the people to design what defensive weapons it might need in future . Remember that peace is the answer and working on a vibrant Egyptian economy is the best defense!

Egyptian Streets

For more than 30 years, Cairo has received billions of dollars of aid from Washington. Recently, this aid has become a topic of heated discussions, with US government officials threatening to pull the aid over uncertainties over whether or not to label Egypt’s recent uprising as a “coup.” Yet, here are four reasons why US aid to Egypt is here to stay, and why Egypt does not ‘need’ this aid.

1.        Egypt Doesn’t Choose Where The Aid Is Spent

Every year, the USA sends Egypt $1.3 billion in military aid, for Egypt’s military to spend on technology and infrastructure of its choice, right? Wrong.

According to a government official, the US government decides exactly which weaponry to send to Egypt. The same government official states that often, Egypt is sent weapons that are not as advanced as those sent to neighboring countries like Israel.

This fact was recently…

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