The New Brand of Lebanese Threats: I Will Shoot You

What can be said that has not already been said – peace is the answer!

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Things have been calm in Tripoli lately. There have been no mass shootings for Lebanese media not to report. Ramadan had been a more or less safe month on the city and Lebanon as a whole despite some irregularities here and there.

Yet there was something rising to the surface during those days that has apparently become so redundant that the people of that city had become used to: individual shootings.

Two people had a fight or a quarrel in the street? Their natural reaction was to draw weapons at each other. In case weapons were not available on them, their verbal threat to shoot the other person sufficed.

Meanwhile, passerby just passed by.

It’s easy to dismiss Tripoli as something out there in the North which many of you don’t care about.

This “I will shoot you” mentality, however, is not exclusive to there. It’s present in areas and…

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David Cameron presents more macho image with fishing and bare-chested photos

Afraid Cameron likes his meat pies and chips too much for such a pose.

Pride's Purge


David Cameron’s electoral strategy guru Lynton Crosby has reportedly advised the prime minister to present a more macho image in a bid to emulate Russian President Vladimir Putin’s successful attempts at increasing his popularity by presenting himself as a tough man of the people:

putin macho

As part of the new strategy, the prime minister has given permission for photographs to be released of himself fishing while on holiday in Portugal:


Photographs of Mr Cameron baring his naked upper torso have also been released:

david-cameron-naked torso

In order to familiarise themselves with the new strategy, Senior Conservative Party strategists have reportedly been studying the following photographs of the Russian President:

The 16 Most Homoerotic Photos Of Vladimir Putin


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Roadster Diner’s Route 66 Burger

When Route 66 could still be driven from California to Chicago, I never, ever saw a burger that big – we ate a bit more sensibly – except for the fries – then. Stay healthy and avoid such food like it is the plague it is!

A Separate State of Mind | A Blog by Elie Fares


It can’t all be all seriousness all the time, right?

I haven’t had a full-blown burger meal in a long time. After all, the 30+ kilos I lost since January need to be maintained somehow.

But I figured I’d let myself some leeway for only one day and try out the new burger at Roadster Diner, introduced for their 15th anniversary.


Disclaimer: I do not pretend to understand meat textures, composition, cooking levels and other culinary details I won’t bother looking up to sound sophisticated.

The new Roadster burger comes with their regular coleslaw salad, which I used to normally switch out for Ceasar salad. It also has a side of crunchy fries with a dip that make the meal worth it from the get-go if you feel like splurging on the calories. I really hope they include this upgrade with other burgers later on or introduce it as an…

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Islamist offensive against Christians in Upper Egypt

Harming and oppressing people of other religions brings no honor and certainly offends the one you claim to worship!

Egyptian Streets

As the Islamist-movement is on the defensive in Cairo, their peers in Upper-Egypt are waging an intensified hate campaign these days.

By Alice Tegle, correspondent,

ASSIUT, EGYPT: “Islamic, Islamic, despite the Christians”, shouted the 10.000 Islamists who were marching down a Christian dominated street in the Nile side city of Assiut last night, Associated Press (AP) reports.

Supervised by an adult, six children were spray painting «Boycott the Christians» and «Pope Tawadros is a dog» on the wall, according to the AP. Christian homes, stores and churches have been marked with red painted crosses.

At least 11 Copts have been killed since Morsi’s toppling by the Military on June 30. Several others have been injured the last month during violent attacks on churches in Asyut, Luxor and al-Minya.

Pleading for protection

As a reaction a coalition of 16 Egyptian rights groups Wednesday expressed «grave concern regarding the increasing sectarian violence…

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