The Gun Report: August 8, 2013 –

A 9-year-old boy was critically injured in what police say was an accidental shooting in Little Rock, Ark., Wednesday afternoon. Three boys were inside a home when a gun fired, striking the victim at least once. No adults were in the house at the time. The two other boys, ages 13 and 16, have been taken in for questioning.

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Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Rose

You died, Mother, as quickly as a rose,

flew away like a bird bound for the sky.

I am your orphan, miss you now,

my dear angel.

I used to see love in your eyes.

I found life in your love.

I always saw your smile.

Today, Mother, I am needy.

You are not with me, the place you were—


My sister cried as you fell

to your sleep, Mother.

All the family weeps.

This sorrow affects us all.

There is no joy, no laughter,

nothing bright now.

My anxiety weighs, gathers gloom.

I miss you, Mom,

travel inward, into my heart,

because that’s where I can find

the heart of you.

I wish I could fly to heaven

and be with you,

my dear Mother.

Come again and touch my shoulder.

By Nelab

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Herring Filets Recalled over Listeria Concerns | Food Safety News

Gold Star Smoked Fish Corp. of Brooklyn, N.Y., is recalling Baltic Treasures, Norwegian Style Matjes, Marinella “Delicatessnaya,” Jewish Style Matjes, Traditional Russian Matjes, and Rybacka Wies Matjes Brands of Herring Fillets in Oil due to contamination or possible contamination with Listeria monocytogenes.

In addition, Zip International Group LLC of Edison, N.J., is recalling Baltic Sprats in Spicy Brine Net Wt. 15.8 Oz (450g) in plastic packaging, also because of the potential Listeria contamination.

The recalled Gold Star products are packaged in 10.5 oz/300 gram, 17.64oz/500 gram, and 35.5oz/1 kg vacuum packed plastic packages and have sell by dates 103113, 113013, 123113, or 13114 stamped on the back of the container.

The UPC Numbers are 0 21143 24118 1, 0 21143 24119 8, 0 21143 24117 4, 0 21143 24116 7, 0 21143 24101 3, 0 21143 24105 1, 0 21143 24111 2, 0 21143 24103 7, 0 21143 24106 8, 0 21143 24110 5, 0 21143 24102 0, 0 21143 24104 4, 0 21143 24121 1, 0 21143 24122 8, and 0 21143 24123 5.

The products were sold nationwide. They are products of the USA.

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antoine cassar

The series of Atlas poems continues, with another island: this time, the Greek islet of Salamís, or Σαλαμίνα, in the Saronic Gulf, 2 km off the port of Piraeus, 16 km west of Athens. 96 km2 (larger than Gozo, but less than half the size of Malta), population 39,283 (as of 2011).

Until the mid-20th century, the majority of the inhabitants were Arvanite (Albanian Greeks), who know the island by the name of Koullouri (Κȣλλȣρι). Following mass migration from Athens, the Arvanites are now a minority; many of them simply became absorbed into the ‘national’ Greek identity.

Salamís Island is known as the birthplace of the warrior Ajax, and hosts the cave in which Euripides retired from the world to write his tragedies. It’s also known for the famous Battle of Salamis, 480 B.C., won by the Greek city-states, signalling the beginning of the end for…

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