The Gun Report: July 31, 2013 –

A 9-year-old boy was injured after being caught in the crossfire of bullets in front of a drive-thru in Dayton, Ohio, Tuesday night. Two cars fled the scene after shots were fired at around 8:30 p.m. in front of Ray’s Drive Thru. The victim was a passenger in a third vehicle and was struck by shattered glass. Police are investigating.


A 14-year-old boy was wounded in a drive-by shooting while standing on the porch of a home on the east side of San Antonio, Tex., early Tuesday. The victim was hit in the arm and leg by bullet fragments when shots rang out from a dark-colored SUV with three people inside. Police are not sure whether the home was the actual intended target of the shooting or whether the attack was gang-related.

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Putting Those Seasonal Veggies To Use: Corn and Tomato Salad Recipe

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Summer’s bounty provides no shortage of delicious and seasonal fruits and vegetables, readily available at your local farmers’ market or right in your backyard if you like to grow your own food. And whether you are a culinary genius or have just recently mastered the art of microwaved dinners, preparing meals in the summer with fresh produce is easy for any skill level.

Some folks refuse to even turn their ovens on during the warm summer months, vowing to create dishes that only require raw preparations of wonderful vegetables and fruit. After all, biting into a juicy peach or a ripe tomato leaves your palate satisfied and without a want for dressings or seasonings; in-season produce is scrumptious just the way it is.

Here is one nearly completely raw summer salad that is sure to please guests at a cookout, or your family as a side dish or entrée. It…

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US: California extends citrus pest program

The California Department of Food and Agriculture extended a program aimed at slowing the onslaught of an insect and bacteria that are devastating US citrus plants.

The State will extend by four years the California Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program, established in 2009 largely to guard against the advance of the Asian citrus psyllid.

The tiny bug is believed to carry a bacterial disease called huanglongbing, or greening disease, that is already responsible for causing $1.3 billion in damages to citrus crops in Florida. Experts know of no cure.

So far, California’s $2-billion citrus industry has yet to be hit. Growers hope to stop the pests in their tracks by coordinating with the State, reporting any outbreaks and agreeing to quarantines. To help efforts, citrus producers are expected to contribute $15 million this year to the prevention program.

The Asian citrus psyllid has been found in nine California counties, but huanglongbing has been detected only once. That was on a residential property in Hacienda Heights.

“We do not have the disease now, but we believe it’s just a matter of time,” said Steve Lyle, a spokesman for the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

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The U.S. Visa Cancellation of Lebanese Citizens

Some mindless junk of excluding people by whim? White House will hear about this.

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It’s a joyful moment for many when they get that American embassy employee to smile at them and tell them their visa request has been finally approved. I wouldn’t know since I’ve never had that happen to me.

For many, it is believed the struggle to get into the United States is almost done – what can go wrong now that you’ve got the paper work? Nothing, right?


For 3000 Lebanese, visiting the United States has become an impossibility for reasons no one knows. The people whose visas got cancelled belong to different Lebanese sects and religions: Christian, Muslim, Sunni, Shiites. They belong to different societal strata: businessmen and regular joes.

The U.S. Embassy in Lebanon has denied such numbers  (link), asserting that it is within the authority of the American State Department to cancel visas if information came to light after their issuance that would make the…

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